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Qualifications Summary Professional Engineer experienced in Project Management and diverse technologies with a proven record in several industries. Proficient in leveraging design and analysis technology to achieve successes in Engineering, NPI (new product development), and PCTO (product cost take...
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Project Engineer  
NaugaNeedles LLC, February 2014 to Present

Engineer-tech for process to produce nano-needles.

Sr Product Engineer  
Sypris Technologies Tube Turns Div, January 2011 to September 2013

Design, analysis, and development of pipeline and ASME pressure vessel closures, joints, and components. Accomplishments Development and improvement of oil and gas pipeline closures; transition and insulation joints, tool-less closures, t-bolt and double bolt closures. ASME Section VIII Div. 1 and 2 design, calculations, and test verification of design enhancements. Sales, marketing, production, purchasing, and shipping support. VAVE product cost takeouts totaling $50K annual savings. Numerous trip assignments to resolve field issues.

Design and Research Engineer  
Remington Arms, September 2009 to December 2010

Support and lead projects with design and research on commercial firearms developed for domestics and global markets. Accomplishments Development of carriage bolt and magazine assembly for the new automatic rifle design. FEA and CAD design, testing, and field firing of several new domestic and military grade firearms. Six sigma black belt training.

Project Manager  
Manitowoc Food Service, March 2005 to July 2009

Commercial cold beverage equipment developer and manufacturer. Responsibilities involved leading engineering projects to design and develop ice and beverage dispensers used in commercial food and beverage establishments such as hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, and other beverage distribution outlets. Tools and work practice used to achieve business goals included six sigma design, FEA, FMEA, and reliability testing for new product and product cost take out projects. Accomplishments: Research and development of commercial ice and beverage dispensing equipment Patent 8,336,741 - front accessible drive system for commercial ice dispensing equipment Implementation of ten product designs Value-added Value engineering resulting in $750K+ annual cost savings Six sigma design implementations CAD and CAE-based design and development (with ProE, Cosmos, and aPriori)

Project Lead/Development Engineer  
GRINDMASTER CORP, January 2003 to February 2005

Commercial and home hot beverage equipment developer and manufacturer. Lead a design team to develop an innovative home coffee/tea pod brewer. Responsibilities included taking a new product concept from blank sheet to production in China, coordinating all key tasks and technical participants. Design tools used included Solid Works and Cosmos for FEA. Accomplishments: Introduction of a new, patented, household coffee and tea brewing system Design patents, D 515,347 Beverage Brewer, and Drawer Mechanism 7,131,369

Assistant Professor  
Indiana University Southeast, July 2000 to June 2003

Teaching, research, and service Undergraduate computer sciences Accomplishments: July 2000 to 2003. Finite element thermal mapping of the scapula after cemented glenoid component application in shoulder arthroplasty. In conjunction with Dr. Peter Quesada, Mr. Bong Kim (student), University of Louisville, and Dr. Michael Moskal, Shoulder and Elbow Center LLC, New Albany, IN. Work extended to further evaluate bone cement thermal properties and glenoid component designs. NIAMS (National Institute for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases) Grant proposal submitted, August 2001 to 2003. Development of a dynamic shoulder model for determining the impact of humeral prosthesis position using SIMM, a musculographic modeling system. In conjunction with Dr. Peter Quesada, Dr. Michael Moskal, Mr. Russ Schoen, and Mr. Quentin Pollett (student).Funding supplied by Archimedes-Community, University of Louisville Health Science Center. June 2000 to January 2002 Applied knowledge engineering to preserve engineering expertise used in making material, design, and dimensioning recommendations in the compressor seal industry. In conjunction with Mr. Paul Hanlon and Mr. Don York, C. Lee Cook/Dover Resources.. Funding by C. Lee Cook Company, Louisville, KY and Intellix A/S Corp, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2001-2002. December 2001 to 2003 Development of an improved Basic Metabolic Profile (BMP) Delta Checker using neural networks. In conjunction with Dr. James Miller, University of Louisville, and Dr. Muzaffar Ali, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY.

Project Lead and Design Engineer  
C. Lee Cook, August 1998 to July 2000

Compressor packing case and seal developer and manufacturer. Duties involved designing ring seals, packings, and components for compressors. Implemented new packing case and seal designs for a wide range of applications. Used tools such as ALGOR (FEA), Visual Basic for computing applications, and conducted material testing, test lab design, instrumentation, and supplier and customer interfacing on seal development projects Accomplishments: Created Visual Basic applications to compute seal and packing design parameters Upgraded and equipped the materials test lab Conducted failure analyses and material testing in support of Technical Service Streamlined and cost-reduced production of PEEK and metallic seals

Software Engineer  
IED INC, November 1997 to July 1998

Hardware and software developer and manufacturer of computer controlled sound systems. Developed, tested, and installed software and GUI's used in large commercial facilities Accomplishments: Design and implementation of sound controls and software user-interfaces for convention centers, casinos, and hospitals

Senior Design Engineer and Developer  
GE APPLIANCES, January 1996 to August 1997

Major home appliance developer and manufacturer. Responsibilities included refrigerator feature and appearance design, analysis, and testing. Accomplishments: Design of a gas assist injection molded handle with a cost savings of $1.5 MM/yr Patent 5,611,212, dual air flow refrigerator temperature controller. Design of new refrigerator doors and trim Six sigma design implementation and rapid prototyping (SLA) Project scheduling, cost (material and labor) tracking, and schedule achievement

Project Leader  
GE Appliances, August 1993 to December 1995

Design and testing of refrigerator controls and components for international sale. Accomplishments: Design and implementation of four international refrigerator product lines

Lead Design Engineer  
GE Appliances, July 1989 to July 1993

Energy Efficient Dual Controls for Top Mount Refrigerators; Development and implementation of new features for domestic refrigerator markets. Accomplishments: Patent 5,303,451 - Soft Touch Handle Refrigerator inner door optimization with FEA (ANSYS) Management award - gallon-storage inner door, $1.5MM annual savings Development of Quick-Shelf for Side x Side refrigerators

LAB, Development Engineer  

Advanced materials characterization and failure analysis of plastic and elastomer products. Performed mechanical, thermal, and chemical stress testing and analysis. Accomplishments: Failure analysis knowledge base development ASTM polymer fracture toughness test development and round robin testing CT-scan of structural foam plastics with GE Aircraft Engine Lab EPDM compression-set study and Technical Information Series publication. PC-based SPC study of injection molding operation and data analysis 90 technical reports documenting product, material failures, and design improvements


University of Louisville  
Ph.D, Computer Science and Engineering, Jan, 1991 to Jan, 1997
Dissertation research: optimizing energy use in a household refrigerator using a neural net controller. Curriculum: advanced graduate studies in computer sceince and engineering.

University of Louisville  
M.S, Computer Science, Jan, 1982 to Jan, 1984
Thesis research: real time data acquisition in ion transport experiments. Curriculum: graduate coursework in computer science.

University of Louisville  
M.S, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1978 to Jan, 1980
Thesis research: a finite element program for dynamic flexible rotor bearing systems. Curriculum: graduate coursework in mechanical engineering.

Purdue University  
B.S, Aeronautical Engineering, Jan, 1970 to Jan, 1974
Curriculum: undergraduate coursework in aeronautical engineering. Minor in structural anlaysis and finite elements.


5 Patents  by  Kenton Graviss and others    
April, 1994 - Present
Inventions that were patented in the course of product engineering work throughout my career.

PCTO - 3/4 of a million $ in cost reductions  by  Kenton Graviss    
June, 2007 - July, 2009
Value-added Value-engineering product cost take out annual savings from design innovations on ice and beverage dispensing machines.

New Refrigerator Inner Door Design with Cost Savings  by  Kenton Graviss, Mike Csernik    
January, 1996 - December, 1997
Saved 1.5 MM$ with an innovative inner door design on a household refrigerator.

CPOD Home Coffee/Tea Single Cup Brewer  by  Kenton Graviss, Robert Mallory    
August, 2003 - March, 2005
Design and development of a new home brewer.

Ice Crusher for Commercial Ice and Beverage Dispensing machines  by  Kenton Graviss, Todd Teague    
March, 2005 - June, 2007
Design and development of the first industry ice crusher for commercial ice and beverage dispensing machines.

Soft Touch and gas-assist Handles for major Appliances  by  Kenton Graviss, Frank Pang, Scott Calvert    
January, 1989 - June, 1997
Design and development of new types of handles for major appliances. gas-assist handle savings $1MM/yr.

New Automatic Rifle  by  Jeff Stone, Kenton Graviss, Dave Hendri, Jose Santiago    
September, 2009 - December, 2010
Design, analysis, testing of a new type of automatic rifle.


  • Professional Engineer
    Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers (13047)
    June 2013  - June 2015
  • BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1: Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels
    ASME (46581571)
    September 2011


Thermoplastic and Low Modulus Thermoplastics for Appliance Handles  (5,303,451)    
Inventors: Kenton Graviss, James Harding, Scott Calvert, Frank Pang.  Issued April 19, 1994  in United States

A method and materials from which to make soft touch handles.

Refrigerator Dual Air Flow Control Mechanism  (5,611,212)    
Inventors: Kenton Graviss, Jeffery Hunt.  Issued March 18, 1997  in United States

A new refrigerator temperature control system using dual airflows.

Beverage Brewwer  (D515,347 S)    
Inventors: William Reuss, Kenton Graviss, Srtephen Hooper, Dean Bidwell, Andrew Walston, Andrew Carlson, Jules, Joo-hi Ko, Robert, Mallory.  Issued February 21, 2006  in United States

A new home coffee and tea single-brewer brewer design.

Drawer and Latching for Positioning and Securing a Pod below the Brew Head of a Beverage Brewer  (7,131,369 B2)    
Inventors: Timothy Gantt, William Dahmen, William Reuss, Kenton Graviss, David Waynescott, Robert Mallory, Kwong Wong, David Vergara.  Issued November 07, 2006  in United States

A new single cup pod brewer brew head latching mechanism.

Front-Accessible Ice Dispenser Ice Agitation Motor  (8,336,741)    
Inventors: Kenton Graviss, Todd teague.  Issued December 25, 2012  in United States

a new design enabling front access to an ice agitation motor on an ice and beverage dispensing machine.


A Neural Network Controller For Optimal Temperature Control of Household Refrigerators     
Published by (Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing Vol. 4, No. 4)
Authors: Graviss, K.J. and Zurada, J.M.  Published January 01, 1998

A neural network temperature controller for a household refrigerator.

Control of Household Refrigerators, Part I: Modeling Temperature Control Performance,” and “Part II: Alternate Control     
Published by (The International Journal of HVAC&R Research, Vol. 4, No. 4)
Authors: Graviss, K.J. and Collins, R.L.  Published October 01, 1998

A neural network temperature controller for house refrigerators.

Using Time-Temperature Superposition and Linear Regression Analysis to Predict Long Term Compression Set in EPDM Pads     
Published by (GE Technical Information Series Report MAP89-001)
Authors: Graviss, K.J..  Published September 01, 1989

A method for predicting compression set in EPDM pads used with household refrigerator compressors.

Conference Proceedings     
Published by (Various from 1995 to 2002)
Authors: Graviss K. J..  Published 

Graviss, K.J., “A Rapid Prototyping Approach for Preserving Engineering Expertise Using an n-tuple Classifier,”, Proceedings, Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering Conference (ANNIE), Nov, 2002, St. Louis, MO. Graviss, K.J., “Simple, Small-Scale Knowledge Engineering for Preserving Institutional Expertise,” Proceedings, Appliance Manufacturer Conference and Exposition (AMCE), Nov 2001, Cincinnati, OH, pp. 217-231. Graviss, K.J. and Collins, R.L., “Temperature Control Models for Household Refrigerators,” Proceedings, Appliance Manufacturer Conference and Exposition, Sep 1999, Nashville, TN, pp. 113-142. Graviss, K.J. and Collins, R.L., “Strategies for Improving Temperature Control and Saving Energy in Household Refrigerators,” Proceedings, International Refrigeration Conference at Purdue, Jul 1996, pp. 483-488. Graviss, K. J. and Zurada, J.M., “Optimal Temperature Control of a Dual Chamber Plant Using Neural Networks,” Proceedings, Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering Conference, Nov 1995, St. Louis, MO., pp. 581-586. Graviss, K.J. and Zurada, J.M., “Toward the Smart Refrigerator, Improved Dual Chamber Temperature Control with Neural Networks,” Proceedings, Appliance Manufacturer Conference and Exposition, Sep 1995, Nashville, TN., pp. 183-199. Graviss, K.J. and Zurada, J.M., “Dual-Chamber Temperature Control with Neural Networks,” Proceedings, First Joint Mexico-US International Workshop on Neural Networks and Neurocontrol, Jun 1995, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, pp. 119-138.


Awards from 1992 to 2002
2002 Summer Faculty Fellowship Grant – research, shoulder arthroplasty 2001-2003 Indiana University Southeast Faculty Senate Representative 2001 AMCE Conference and Expo 2nd Place Technical Paper Award, Oct. 2001 2001 Univ. of Louisville, Archimedes Community SIG Pilot Research Honorarium 2001 Summer Faculty Fellowship Grant – research, shoulder arthroplasty 1994-97 Resident researcher, University of Louisville (Ph.D. research). 1995 GE Appliances Patent Award - dual control air flow refrigerator controller. 1993 GE Appliances Managerial Award - plastic refrigerator door design project leader. 1992 GE Appliances Patent Award - injection molded soft touch handle design.