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Kevin Bonner

Senior Mechanical Engineer

New Product Development, Production Support, Computer-Aided Tools, and Product Lifecycle Management Proven analytical, interpersonal, and computer skills to effectively increase product quality, value & manufacturability Engineering, project, and industry experience with essential skills and...
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  • DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) Green Belt
  • Certified Engineer-In-Training (E-I-T)
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 


Connector System for use as Hot-Swap device  (7840738B2)    
Inventors: Kevin P. Bonner, Rodney P. Boer, Kevin M. Palamar.  Issued November 23, 2010  in United States

Devices, systems and methods for providing a connector system are disclosed. The exemplary device may have system and device flow contacts on the system and device connectors, respectively. A first set contacts and a second set of contacts may be electrically connected to each other to verify that system and device contacts are properly mated to each other. A controller linked to a contact circuit may regulate the power and/or signals provided to an end device.


Divisional Award for Intelligent Risk Taking in Product Development