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Engineering Senior Fellow  
ConocoPhillips Compnay, March 1977 to Present, Texas United States
(Oil & Gas)
He published more than 120 technical papers, was awarded 25 patents, edited 34 International proceedings of international conferences, and served as chairman of several international conferences dealing with Offshore and Arctic Developments. In addition, Mamdouh served as a member of the technical advisory committee of research centers at University of Houston and University of Tulsa. He serves as a board member of the leadership team for of ASME Energy sources and processing segment and as a member of ASME Fellows’ selection committee. Prior to his current position, he held several management positions within the R&D department including director of the Marine and Materials Section and director of the Materials and Corrosion Section. He served as the chairman of the Marine Technology Steering Committee and Materials and Corrosion Technology Steering Committee and led the formation of the arctic technology network of excellence. He is recognized within the oil and offshore industry by his contributions in several technical areas related to innovative materials applications and structural integrity. He is considered a pioneer in promoting the application of advanced composite materials for deepwater systems. He is also recognized for his publications in the areas of erosional velocity limits, reliability-based allowable strength model for high strength steels, reliability on pipeline in-line inspection tools, fatigue & fracture performance of titanium risers, impact of pile driving operations on residual strength of offshore structures, the application of flame sprayed aluminum for corrosion control of risers and tethers, and alternatives to high strength steels for high pressure gas pipelines using dry fiber reinforced conventional steel pipe.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  
Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical, Feb, 1970 to Jun, 1975
Recipient of the ConocoPhillips Lifetime Technology Achievement Award Recipient of the OMAE Conference Industry Achievement Award for pioneering development of advanced composite materials for the offshore industry Recipient of Deep Offshore Technology Conference Award for Advanced Technology Election to the rank of Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Recipient of the ASME-OMAE Special Achievement Award Recipient of the Offshore Technology Research Center (OTRC) Honors Award Recipient of the ASME-OMAE Achievement Award ( Recipient of the ASME-ETCE Service Award