Mechanical Engineer

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Research Fellow  
Politecnico Di Torino, July 2012 to Present, Turin Italy
(Politecnico di Torino)
Area of expertise: Modeling of power plants for electricity production. Modeling and analysis of fuel cell based (SOFC and PEM) power plants of different sizes. Biogas/Biomass use in SOFC power plants and European subsidies scheme about biogas and biomass. Techno-economic analysis of power plants concerning energy and economic tools knowledge. Use of PEM fuel cell for residential application: design, optimization and analysis of micro CHP systems for residential use. Development of technical P&ID for demonstration plants. Energy analysis and optimization of existing plant, mainly related to heat integration


Politecnico di Torino  
Mechanical Engineer, Gilli, Sep, 2006 to Mar, 2012


SOFCOM  by  Politecnico di Torino    
October, 2012 - Present
SOFCOM – SOFC CCHP WITH POLY-FUEL: OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT. European Project funded by the VII Program and by ‘Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking’. Coordinator of the project: Politecnico di Torino (Prof. Massimo Santarelli) | Total Budget: ~3 M€. In the framework of this project I have worked both on the system analysis and the demonstrative part. Concerning the system analysis I have been working on the modeling of small, medium and large size power plants fed by biogas from different sources. The energy and technical analysis has been followed by a literature research of all the biogas incentives through the European countries and the development of an economic analysis to validate the payback period of the investments. Concerning the demonstrative part I have built, with the contribution of all the partners, the detailed P&ID of a 2kWe demonstration plant which will be placed in SMAT, the Turin Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Curriculum Vitae – Marta Gandiglio Pag. 2 The demonstration plant will be installed starting from December 2013 and will include a complete layout of a biogas fed SOFC plant: cleaning station of the biogas to remove the impurities, a reformer for converting methane into hydrogen, the SOFC stack followed by an oxy-combustor to have a pure CO2-H2O stream and separate the carbon dioxide through a condenser and a membrane section. The pure CO2 stream will be sent to a photobioreactor for growing algae, treating secondary water with impurities and thus closing the carbon cycle of the plant. In the framework of the SOFCOM project I spent two period (July 2012, June 2013) at the EPFL (Lausanne, CH) in order to work and develop new modeling and economic methodology with the other partners. On October 2013 I have taken part in the M24 Meeting of the project in Barcelona (ES).


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Design and optimization of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell CHP system for residential use     
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Study of a low-temperature micro-cogeneration system with a proton exchange membrane fuel cell for r     
Published by (April 2013, Microgen III International Conference – Naples.)
Authors: Marta Gandiglio.  Published April 01, 2013


ASME Best Student Paper Award 2014