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Martin Edelson

Executive Committee, EED

Originally trained as a chemist, I developed an interest in the application of science and technology to societal problems and the communication of science to the lay public. ASME has provided me with the opportunity to share ideas, to learn, and to advocate for better policy and a more open...
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ASME Congressional Fellow  
Self-Employed, December 2008 to December 2009, Washington, District of Columbia United States
Acted as energy/environment staff support person in the office of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME).

Program Manager  
Krell Institute, March 2003 to August 2008, Ames, Iowa United States
(Non-profit / NGO)
Managed graduate research programs administered by the Krell Institute for the US Department of Energy (CSGF) and a consortium of USDOE national labs (HPCSGFP). The CSGF program supports doctoral students in a wide variety of science and engineering disciplines who incorporate sophisticated computational methods in their research. Fellows are required to take graduate level computational science and/or engineering courses in addition to their regular discipline courses. The HPCSGFP, funded by Sandia, Los Alamos, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories funded students to pursue doctoral research in high-performance computer science/engineering. This program was discontinued in 2009.

Assistant to Associate Director  
Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University, October 2002 to January 2003, Ames, Iowa United States
Performed various tasks to assist the Ames Laboratory Associate Director.

Program Director  
Ames Laboratory/US Department of Energy, October 1986 to October 2002, Ames, Iowa United States
Directed the Ames Laboratory Nuclear Safeguards and Security Program (funded by USDOE Off. of Safeguards and Security) and the Ames Laboratory Environmental Technology Development Program (funded by USDOE Office of Environmental Management (EM-50)). Additionally was the PI on several multiyear research programs involving laser decontamination of metal surfaces, characterization of wastes created in nuclear processes, risk analysis, spectroscopy of nuclear materials, etc.

Ames Laboratory/US Department of Energy, October 1980 to September 1986, Ames, Iowa United States
Worked as lead researcher to develop optical spectroscopic method for measuring important elements and isotopes in highly radioactive solutions. Delivered an instrument to the DOE Hanford facility where it was successfully tested.

Postdoctoral fellow  
Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University, December 1977 to September 1980, Ames, Iowa United States
Performed laser spectroscopic research on complex organic molecules. Assisted with training of graduate students.

Postdoctoral teaching fellow  
University of British Columbia, July 1973 to November 1977, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Performed optical spectroscopic research on molecular crystals at cryogenic temperatures.


University of Oregon  
Doctor of Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Mar, 1967 to Jun, 1973

City University of NY  
Master of Arts, Physical Chemistry, Jan, 1965 to Jan, 1967

City College/CUNY  
Bachelor Of Science, Chemistry, Sep, 1960 to Jun, 1964


Laser ablation system, and method of decontaminating surfaces  (US5780806)    
Inventors: Russell L. Ferguson, Martin C. Edelson, Ho-ming Pang.  Issued July 25, 1995  in United States

A laser ablation system comprising a laser head providing a laser output; a flexible fiber optic cable optically coupled to the laser output and transmitting laser light; an output optics assembly including a nozzle through which laser light passes; an exhaust tube in communication with the nozzle; and a blower generating a vacuum on the exhaust tube. A method of decontaminating a surface comprising the following steps: providing an acousto-optic, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser light ablation system having a fiber optically coupled output optics assembly; and operating the laser light ablation system to produce an irradiance greater than 1×107 W/cm2, and a pulse width between 80 and 170 ns.