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Matthew Andrews

F100 Customer Support Engineer

Current Junior studying Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University. As a young engineer, I have been able to work in internships in the oil and natural gas and military aviation sectors. I have become very interested in Thermal and Fluid Sciences and Heat Transfer, especially with...
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F100 Customer Support Engineering Intern  
Pratt & Whitney - United Technologies, May 2019 to August 2019, East Hartford, Connecticut United States
(Aerospace Engines)
• Assisted F100 CSE Hardware, Controls, and Systems sub-teams on both Pratt & Whitney F100 variants. • Authored technical literature to customers regarding position taken by CSE on decision to extend part lifetimes to offset spare part shortages. • Developed changes through redlines in technical data to clarify missing and superseded parts in assembly breakdown graphics. • Inspected fan blades using hand tools and perform conformance tests on blades that had machining error. • Facilitated discussion between field service reps and test cell subject matter expert to develop reasoning behind test cell-throttle coupling mating issue. • Authored literature to make field service reps aware of the problem and steps to resolve the issue.

Mechanical Design Engineering Intern  
Curtiss Wright EMD, May 2018 to August 2018, Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania United States
(Oil and Natural Gas)
• Assisted engineers to design deep sea oil pump. • Collaborated with design team to refine manufacturing process, to calculate stresses on coupling using ANSYS FEA programming, and to build solid models for part pumps and manufacturing tooling. • Presented overview of internship to management, mentors, and peers at the end of rotation.


West Virginia Univ  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aug, 2017 to Present
Deans List (GPA>3.5): Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019 Presidents List (GPA=4.0): Fall 2019 Awarded a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Departmental Scholarship for every semester I have been in the department (since fall 2018). President of the branch chapter of AIAA for the 2019-2020 school year. Hold position of Statler Ambassador, leading tours to perspective students and sitting on current student panels.


Simulation of A380 Landing Gear  by  Matthew Andrews, Emma Dorsey    
January, 2020 - Present
Dynamics of Machines class project. The goal is to develop a working CAD model in SolidWorks of the A380 landing gear system and a motion analysis of the system in three different modes. Also, a written report is written to showcase certain criteria such as: mobility of the system, vector loops of the system, and analytical solutions to position, velocity, and acceleration at each point.