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Mehdi Javaheran Yazd

Thermal power plant supervisor

I'm currently works at the Harbin thermal power plant in Esco. I'm researching mechanical engineering. My current project is 'Energy and Exergy Analysis of thermal power plant'.


Steam turbine supervisor  
ESCo, October 2009 to Present
Steam turbine supervisor


Master Of Science, Energy conversion, Feb, 2015 to Feb, 2018

Mechanical Engineer, Mechanic, Sep, 2003 to Feb, 2009


Thermal power plant Energy and Exergy Analysis  by  Mehdi Javaheran Yazd    
March, 2016 - February, 2018
Regarding the fact that the energy requirements of power plants are generally supplied from fossil fuels, it is important to improve the performance and optimize these power plants. One of the newest methods for optimization is the analysis of the performance of thermal power plants, especially the exergy analysis of steam power plants. The main objective of this research is to analyze energy and exergy of the steam power plant and provide solutions for improving the efficiency and performance of the steam power plant by identifying energy losses and exergy destruction.


Natural Corrosion Inhibitors     
Published by (Morgan & Claypool)
Authors: Shima Ghanavati Nasab, Mehdi Javaheran Yazd, Abolfazl Semnani.  Published May 01, 2019

Regarding the vast use of chemical components in different human activities, they are susceptible to corrosion because of contact with aggressive environments. Therefore, the use of inhibitors for the control of corrosion of chemical components in corrosive media is an urgent affair. Numerous investigations were carried out and are still being done to study the corrosion inhibition potential of organic compounds. Remarkable inhibition efficiency was achieved by all these compounds particularly some with N, S, and O atoms in their structure. Unfortunately, most of these compounds are not only expensive but also toxic to living beings. Hence, it is essential to mention the importance of natural inhibitors as eco-friendly, readily available, and renewable sources. The main goal of this book is to point out the influence of these components in terms of physical and, in some cases, chemical, processes on different components in aggressive media. Different methods of measuring corrosion, adsorption behavior, mechanism of inhibitors, and some related information is presented in this book. There is a lack of comprehensive and relevant books on this subject, so we decided to write this book in order to accumulate useful information about the influence of natural inhibitors on metals in corrosive areas and to make it accessible to researchers. Table of Contents: Preface / An Introduction to Natural Corrosion Inhibitors / Corrosion Inhibitors: Fundamental Concepts / Natural Corrosion Inhibitors: Adsorption Mechanisms / Plants as Corrosion Inhibitors in Different Corrosive Environments / Fruits as Corrosion Inhibitors in Corrosive Environments / Natural Oils as Corrosion Inhibitors in Corrosive Environments / A Journey to the Natural Corrosion Inhibitors in Corrosive Environments / References / Authors' Biographies