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Mahmoud Hussein, BS


I am not a failed person I just keep trying to success



Higher Technological Institute   
Bachelor Of Science, Nov, 2013 to Aug, 2016

Memphis International School  
Other, Student, Sep, 1996 to May, 2011


Selective Laser Sintering machine  by  Dr. Manal Amin , Dr. Ali El-Najjar    
October, 2015 - August, 2016
This is our graduation project which is making a cheap Selective laser sintering machine based on high power laser and plastic metal powder poly Amide 2200

CNC Milling machine  by  Prof. Dr. Yehia Hendawy    
February, 2016 - April, 2016
This project aim to make an industrial CNC 3-Axis Vertical milling machine with cutting area 1m x 2m

Human Powered Vehicle  by  Dr. Ibrahim Nasr    
October, 2014 - March, 2015
this project is for entering Human Powered Vehicle Competition