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Mohammad Pourgol-Mohamad

Consultant, Risk/Reliability

Dr. Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad is a safety/reliability analyst in multidisciplinary systems analysis and a Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, with Sahand University of Technology (SUT). He received his Ph.D in Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland (UMD), and holds one M.Sc...
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Senior Consultant of Risk and Reliability  
Independent Consultant, July 2011 to Present, Boston, Massachusetts United States
(Engineering & Industrial Management)
Led projects for the clients in area of: • Nuclear Safety • Engineering Risk Assessment (PRA) • Multidisciplinary Reliability Analysis • Fire Safety • Chemical/Nuclear Processes Hazard Analysis • Condition Monitoring Maintenance Helped Customers in the area of Quality Assurance, Design for Reliability, Risk Assessment, Safety Analysis for projects of Power plants (Conventional and Nuclear), Automotive, Chemical Processes, Centrifugal Pump Design, Development of Standards, Natural Gas Utility, Provided Services to -Goodman Manufacturing Company -East Azarbaijan Gas Company -Iran National Nuclear Safety Department (NNSD) -East Azarbaijan Industrial Parks Administration Company -FM Global Insurance Company -ASQ Boston Section -ASQ Reliability Division -Garrick Institute for Risk Science Studies, UCLA


University of Maryland, College Park  
Doctor of Philosophy, Reliability Engineering, Aug, 2001 to May, 2007
• Sahand University of Technology Research Award, 2013 • 1st Place Award, Best Technical Paper, Paper Competition-DC Consul of Engineers and Architectural Societies (DCCEAS), 2007 • 1st Place Award; Best Technical Research, Graduate Paper Competition of ANS (American Nuclear Society), 2007 • Best Technical Research Paper Competition of Nuclear Engineering Division (NED) of the ASME, 2006 • Iranian Academic Association Research Competition Award, Washington DC, 2004 • University of Maryland Scholarship Award, 2002


Implementation and Certification of ISO/IEC 50001- Energy Management  by  Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad, Robab Aghazadeh    
March, 2016 - September, 2006
Implementation and Certification of The Gas Company Client for ISO/IEC:50001-Energy Management


  • Professional Engineer
    State of MA (49096)
    July 2010  - July 2018
  • Certified Reliability Engineer
    ASQ (-)
    June 2009  - August 2019
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)
    ASQ (-)
    June 2009


Stochastic Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis for Space System Reliability     
Published by (ASME-ASCE Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems)
Authors: Hossein Salimi, Saeed Kiad, Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad.  Published June 15, 2017

In this study, stochastic analysis is aimed for space structures (satellite in LEO, made of aluminum 2024-T3), with the focus on fatigue failure.

Assessment of the Pitting Corrosion Degradation Lifetime; Case Study of Boiler Tubes     
Published by (ASME-ASCE Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems)
Authors: Lida Naseh, Mohammad Pourgol-MOhammad.  Published June 13, 2017

In this research, degradation of the corrosion is investigated for boiler tubes by estimating the corrosion lifetime


SERAD Innovation Challenge Award; First Place.
ASME IMECE2016 (Phoenix, AZ, 2016) SERAD Innovation Challenge Award; First Place.