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I am a seasoned Fluid Dynamicists with 15+ years of hands-on experience with CSIRO minerals, BHP, and Petronas Engineering Projects (worthing $100 million+). I am known for a strategic and focused approach to strong moral leadership, with extensive accolades for limiting risk using the latest...
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Post Doc  
CSIRO, January 2004 to December 2005, Melbourne Australia
Research on Light Metals

Don Computing, July 2001 to Present, Melbourne Australia
(Engineering & Industrial Management)
Managing Engineering Consulting


Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering, Jul, 1999 to Aug, 2003
PhD awarded

The University of Melbourne  
Master Of Science, Environmental Engineering Science, Jun, 1998 to Jun, 1999
Upgraded to PhD


Water in Diesel Emulsion: energy and environment  by  Dr Nurul Hasan    
January, 2013 - December, 2017
With the special laser-cut machine, the emulsion of diesel became more stable with time and temperature.

Nanoparticle Recovery from waste  by  Prof Graeme Jameson, Dr Nurul Hasan    
February, 2006 - December, 2011
The ARC provided $8.6 million to the five-year program with the universities contributing $4 million.


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    Engineers Australia (2274718)
    September 2012
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    IChemE UK (99935811)
    September 2012


Gas Hydrate Formation Condition: Review on Experimental and Modeling Approaches     
Published by (Fluid Phase Equilibria)
Authors: M. Iskandar M. Nor Sheida Shahnazar, N Hasan.  Published December 01, 2014

Hydrate behavior has been under continuous investigation and so far numerous experimental and modeling examinations have been published since its discovery.

The carbothermic route to magnesium     
Published by (Springer Boston)
Authors: Geoffrey Brooks, Simon Trang, Peter Witt, Hasan Nurul, Michael Nagle.  Published May 01, 2006

The carbothermic reduction of magnesia to produce magnesium offers the potential of a lower energy and higher productivity route for metal production compared to existing industrial routes


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