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I have been a full-time faculty member in the ME Department since 2001 teaching in engineering programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. My area of expertise is thermo-fluids with research interests in vortical flows, computational fluid dynamics, multiphysics modeling, and collaborative...
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Professor of Mechanical Engineering  
University of Hartford, August 2012 to Present

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering  
University of Hartford, August 2006 to August 2012

Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department  
University of Hartford, July 2005 to July 2010

Connecticut Space Grant, January 2005 to January 2007

Chair, Mechanical Engineering Technology Department  
University of Hartford, November 2002 to January 2005

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering  
University of Hartford, January 2001 to August 2006

Columbia University, January 2000 to December 2000

Teaching Assistant & Adjunct Faculty  
Polytechnic Institute of New York University, September 1995 to December 1999

Assistant Professor  
University of Belgrade, March 1991 to August 1995

Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics

HVAC Engineer  
Institute of Transportation CIP, January 1989 to January 1991


Polytechnic University  
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1995 to Jan, 1999
Dissertation: ‘Measurements of Leading Edge Vortices in a Supersonic Stream’

University of Belgrade  
MS, Mechanical Engineering
Thesis: ‘Hydrodynamic Stability of Compressible High Temperature Free Shear Flows’

University of Belgrade  
BS, Mechanical Engineering
Thesis: ‘Heat Transfer through Walls of Rooms on Buildings’ Corners and Heat Storage Effects’


Linear Stability Analysis of Compressible High-Temperature Mixing Layers     
Published by (Theoretical and Applied Mechanics)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Vladan D. Djordjevic.  Published January 01, 1995

Numerical Calibration of a Conical Five-Hole Probe for Supersonic Measurements     
Published by (J. Measurement Sci. Tech. 11(12), 1812-1818.)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Iraj I. Kalkhoran.  Published December 01, 2000

Measurements of Leading Edge Vortices on a 75 Degree Delta Planform Wing     
Published by (Aeronautical J., 106(1055), 39-49./Royal Aeronautical Society)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Iraj M. Kalkhoran.  Published January 01, 2002

Experimental Studies on Compressible Leading-Edge Vortices     
Published by (Aero. Sci. Tech. 6(6), 383-394./Elsevier)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Wang, Frank.  Published October 01, 2002

Fluid Dynamics of Highly Pitched and Yawed Jets in Crossflow     
Published by (AIAA J., 42(5), 874-882./AIAA)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Zaman (Grc-Rte0).  Published May 01, 2004

Synthetic Jets in Cross-Flow     
Published by (AIAA J., 43(5), 929-940./AIAA)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Zaman (Grc-Rte0).  Published May 01, 2005

A Quantitative Comparison of Delta Wing Vortices in the Near-Wake for Incompressible and Supersonic     
Published by (J. Fluid. Eng., 127, 1071-1084./ASME)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Wang, Frank, Zaman (Grc-Rte0), Povinelli, L. A..  Published November 01, 2005

Time-accurate Computations of Isolated Circular Synthetic Jets in Crossflow     
Published by (Computers & Fluids, 36(6), 1092-1105./Elseveir)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Rumsey, C. L., Schaeffler, N. W., Zaman (Grc-Rte0).  Published January 01, 2007

Laser Percussion Drilling Modeling Utility     
Published by (J. Laser Appl., 21(2), 102-109./AIP)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Shetty, D..  Published January 01, 2009

Progressive Curricular Structure for STEM Programs     
Published by (Int. J. Arts Sci., 3(14), 118-126)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Sweitzer, F..  Published January 01, 2010

Faculty Gender Balance: Best Practices for Undergraduate Institutions     
Published by (Int. J. Gender Sci. Tech., 2(3), 453-463.)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Sanborn, J..  Published January 01, 2010

Retention-Oriented Curricular Design     
Published by (J. Coll. Teach. Learn., 7(11), 41-46.)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Girouard, J., Lee Townsend.  Published January 01, 2010

Engineering Multiphysics Research     
Published by (Int. J. Online Eng., 7(2), 24-28.)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Ingrid Russell.  Published January 01, 2011

Capstone Design Project Pathways     
Published by (Am. J. Eng. Edu., 2(1), 35-42.)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes.  Published January 01, 2011

Flow Structure in the Near-Wall Region of a Submerged Impinging Jet     
Published by (J. Fluid. Eng., 133(9)/ASME)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Khaled J. Hammad.  Published September 01, 2011

Unsteady Wake Vortices in Jets in Cross-Flow     
Published by (J. Visual., 15(1), 44-55./Springer)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Zaman (Grc-Rte0).  Published January 01, 2012

Finite Element Modeling of a Transistor Heat Sink     
Published by (Am. J. Eng. Tech. Research, 12(1), 69-77.)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Quarshie, G..  Published January 01, 2012

Strengthening Capstone Skills in STEM Programs     
Published by (Innovat. High. Educ., 37(1), 3-10./Springer)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Sweitzer, F..  Published February 01, 2012

Towards Liberal Education Assessment in Engineering and Technology     
Published by (J. Coll. Teach. Learn., 9(3))
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Sweitzer, F..  Published January 01, 2012

Control of a jet-in-cross-flow by periodically oscillating tabs     
Published by (Phys. Fluid., 25(5)/US Government)
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Zaman (Grc-Rte0).  Published January 01, 2012

Resonance Modes in an Acoustic Guitar     
Published by (Academic J. Sci., 1 (2))
Authors: Ivana Milanovic, Tom Eppes, Mike DiPanfilo.  Published January 01, 2012