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Senior Director, Aerospace Sys

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Senior Director, Aerospace Systems  
Crown Consulting, Inc., October 2019 to Present, Arlington, Virginia United States

Dr. Del Rosario is the Senior Director for Aerospace Systems at Crown Consulting Inc. (CCI), an engineering, information solutions, and analytics service company specializing in the field of aviation. In this capacity, Dr. Del Rosario directs Crown’s services in aerospace systems development and engineering with an emphasis on forging R&D partnerships across industry and government.

Director of Aeronautics (SES)  
NASA Glenn, October 2016 to October 2019, Cleveland, Ohio United States

Provided executive leadership for aeronautics R&D programs and projects in support of the NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, overseeing annual budgets of more than $150M.

Assistant Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs (Acting) - Science Mission  
NASA Headquarters, January 2016 to August 2016, Washington, District of Columbia United States

Provided oversight to key projects and strategic initiatives for the SMD to lead the development and execution of SMD programs. Led effort to assess and improve SMD processes directed to guiding and implementing the safe operations of the current fleet of SMD operating spacecraft and the safe and successful execution of missions in formulation and development. Developed recommendations for the Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs for process improvement to ensure management and engineering practices of SMD were consistent with Agency policies and were followed accordingly in program and project formulation. Established Mission Directorate approach for Independent Program and Project Assessment working with leadership from the Mission Directorate, Supporting NASA Centers, Officer of the Chief Financial Officer, and Office of the Chief Engineer.

Assistant to the Office of the Center Director  
NASA Glenn Research Center, August 2015 to January 2016, Cleveland United States

Served as Assistant to the Office of the NASA Glenn Center Director providing oversight to key projects and strategic initiatives for the Center. Lead the Center’s effort in support of the 2015 Agency Strategic Implementation Planning formulating the long-term workforce, capabilities and programmatic objectives and priorities for Glenn consistent with the Agencies strategic direction.

Manager, Advanced Air Transport Technology  
NASA Glenn Research Center, December 2014 to August 2015, Cleveland, Ohio United States

Overall management of the NASA Advanced Air Transport Technology Project to ensure efficient operation of the research portfolio with a budget of up to $70M per year. The Project’s portfolio of activities is implemented with over 250 government employees and over $35M in external contracts and grants. Provided the overarching strategy to NASA research in the area of commercial subsonic transport technologies that are consistent with the United States National Aeronautics Research and Development Plan. Set strategic direction to align project R&T portfolio with longer-term needs for subsonic commercial transports. Set strategy of investment by different areas of the portfolio. Develop and establish NASA partnerships with industry, academia and other government agencies for the research of subsonic transport in the US.

Project Manager (Principal Investigator), Subsonic Fixed Wing  
NASA, October 2007 to December 2014

Overall management of the SFW Project to ensure efficient operation of the SFW Project portfolio with a budget of over $90M per year. Project is executed with over 250 government civil servants, more than 100 contractors and over $35M in external contracts. • Accountable to the Program Director for the definition of requirements and planning. Set strategic direction to align project R&T portfolio with longer-term subsonic transport needs consistent with the National Aeronautics Plan. Set strategy of investment by different areas of the portfolio. • Develop plan and execute the project plan ensuring budget and schedule support the research requirements. Allocate resources by areas to assure accomplishment of the Project’s goals. Coordinate execution of the project with line management of the NASA research Centers.

Chief, Facility Management and Planning Office  
NASA Glenn Research Center, April 2005 to October 2007

Responsible for providing facility management to the GRC research and development ground test facilities. - Led the Center's efforts to develop and maintain a ground test capability consistent with NASA’s Mission and the needs of the Nation. These responsibilities were accomplished as supervisor of a staff of Research Ground Test Facility Managers. - Established long-range strategic planning for the utilization and up keep of the GRC ground test facilities which include jet engine and engine component test facilities, rocket test stands, wind tunnels, and atmospheric and space environment test facilities.

Co-Manager Subsonic Vehicle Sector / Interagency Coordination Manager  
NASA Glenn Research Center, May 2003 to May 2005

• Served as Sector Manager for Subsonic Propulsion Systems for the Vehicle Systems Program (VSP) while simultaneously performing most functions of the Interagency Coordination Manager in support of the Associate Director for Partnership Programs. • Led a team effort to determine and recommend to the Associate Program Manager for Strategy the future capability suite required to meet the program goals as it pertained to Subsonic Transports. Developed and maintained long-term technology development roadmaps and Goals/Objectives/Technical Challenges/Approaches (GOTChA) Charts for the propulsion systems of Subsonic Transports. • Formulated broad, overarching, strategies and long-range planning for the direction of NASA Glenn’s Aeronautics activities, including Interagency Collaborations and Partnerships. Consulted with the Director and Deputy Director of Aeronautics to ensure decisions’ appropriateness. • Led efforts to establish cooperation and synergy, through partnership and alliances, with multiple government agencies (DoD, DARPA, DoC, FAA, DoE, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) and industry entities.

Research Facility Manager  
NASA Glenn Research Center, July 1990 to April 2003

• Managed Aeropropulsion Research Test Facilities. Planned, coordinated and managed all activities associated with the operation and maintenance of the Engine Research Building Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer, Combustion and Flow Physics Facilities. • Managed the planning and implementation of all aerodynamic and aeropropulsion experimental projects conducted in these facilities in support of the various GRC Research and Development Programs and Projects. Research at the over 60 test cells comprised the whole spectrum of component of aeropropulsion systems, including turbines, compressors, fans, combustors, inlet, nozzles and other engine components. Coordinated the various research and support organizations involved during the project lifecycle.


Cleveland State University  
Doctor, Engineering, Jan, 1990 to Jan, 2003

Cleveland State University  
MS, Industrial Engineering, Jan, 1990 to Jan, 1993

Universidad de Puerto Rico  
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1985 to Jan, 1990