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Peter Schirk

Recycling Sales Manager

Complete recycling plants or plant components for treating recyclable materials for a wide variety of applications.


Recycling Sales Manager  
BHS-Sonthofen Inc, October 2014 to September 2018, Charlotte, North Carolina United States
World Leader in the manufacturing of machines and systems for the recycling of material.

MAS-TECH, December 2006 to Present

MAS-TECH entails 2 different functions: (1) A consulting firm to the Metals & Recycling Industry (2) Provides Sales and Management Consulting to small to mid-size companies

Sales Manager  
The Rose Corporation, January 2005 to January 2006

Engineering Manager  
Drever, January 2001 to January 2002

Director of Engineering and Special Projects  
ALTEK International, January 1996 to January 2001

Senior Process Engineer  
RUST International, January 1986 to January 1996

Process Engineer  
Great Lakes Carbon, August 1979 to August 1985


Georgia Institute of Technology  
BME, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1975 to Jan, 1979


Cooling system for dross pressing head using sand  (6096260)    
Inventors: Schirk, Peter G.  Issued August 01, 2000  in United States

An improved cooling system for cooling the head of a dross press used in the recovery of non-ferrous metals from dross utilizes a controlled flow of cooling fluid (preferably water) through a cooling coil mounted in particulate matter having a high absorbtivity for heat, preferably sand and most preferably chromite sand. A temperature sensor is mounted within the particulate material or sand, and is used to control the flow of water through the coil in the cooling head. When a temperature above a predetermined value is sensed, water flow through the cooling coil is caused to increase. When the sensed temperature is below a second predetermined value, the controlled water flow through the cooling coil is caused to decrease. Apparatus is also provided for controlling the amount of time that the dross press head is in contact with the dross to be pressed as a function of the temperature of the dross.

Portable dross press with rising and dumping pot  (6228319)    
Inventors: Roth David J, Schirk Peter G.  Issued May 01, 2001  in United States

A portable dross pressing apparatus utilizes a frame which may be made portable by wheels, by forklift tubes or the like. A press head is mounted to an upper portion of the portable frame and a drive means is used to force a skim pot upwardly into juxtaposition with the press head wherein dross within the skim pot may be compressed between the skim pot and the press head. The pot and/or head may contain ribs which may or may not mate. The pressing components may be made of cast steel or of a refractory material, such as ceramic. A pot of refractory material would be constructed over a metal shell for reinforcement. Preferably, the skim pot and sow mold are mounted within a traveling frame which is movably mounted to the portable frame. The skim pot may be provided with an automatic dumping mechanism and the sow mold may be mounted on a slide drawer mechanism. In a preferred embodiment, the skim pot is provided with means for preheating which may either be a gas burner or electrical resistance heaters. In the refractory skim pot, electrical resistance heaters may be mounted within the refractory material. In another aspect, skim pots may be constructed with a removable insert drain hole structure. Dross pressing apparatus may be provided with vibratory motion upon full compression.