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Mechanical Engineering

Experienced (2+ yrs) mechanical engineer with knowledge in mechanical, manufacturing, and industrial disciplines. Utilizes Lean Six Sigma project to involve people, process, and technology to drive operational improvements and implement industries best practices. Superior interpersonal skills,...
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Project Engineer Manager  
Aquarion Water Company, August 2018 to Present, Bridgeport, Connecticut United States
(Water Resources Engineering)
Managed inter-disciplinary projects throughout Aquarion Water Company. Dam rehabilitation, Regulator Improvements, Pipeline Condition Assessment, Pump Station Rehab and construction. Lead consulting engineer from Analysis to Design-Bid-Built for each project. Tracking each project financial and ensure each parties held accountable for each milestone achievements.

Mechanical Engineering  
Gemma Power Systems, LLC, March 2014 to August 2018, Hartford, Connecticut United States
(Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
Office and field engineering support in mechanical piping, instrumentation, and mechanical accessories to assist in construction and procurements of various equipments for power plant. Review and addresses deficiencies as construction begin. Oversee contractor for valve repairs, painting and insulation to complete power plant construction.

Project/Mechanical Engineer  
ES3, June 2012 to August 2013, York, Pennsylvania United States
(Manufacturing & Processing)
▪ Lead multiple continuous improvement projects to investigate & resolve reoccurring issues in order to increase overall equipment efficiency by 90% from 80% in 3 months and sustain result using SPC chart. Revenue by $100,000+ per project with 10% increase throughput. ▪ Reviewed and suggested best practices for project management methodology: RFP, ROI/Feasibility analysis, scheduling, execution project milestone to complete documentation requirement; resulted high performance and transparent to team. ▪ Analyzed and re-evaluated each important project milestones in timeline & work break down structure to accommodate customer change request without impact quality & time. Developed lesson learn tracking logs and methods to help with planning on next project. ▪ Quantified and provided cost-saving solutions toward equipment failure, system downtime to improve AS/RS system reliability from 30% to 40%, generate $50,000 return in 5 months and continue to targeted high impact reoccurring issues. Installed preventive and predictive solutions by utilized system checkpoint and flag chart after project completion. ▪ Assisted in preparation for D/FMEA, RFQ/I, Change Request, Root Cause to support project manager. ▪ Laison engineer for quality assurance, transportation/security, safety & GMP, information technology.

Undergraduate Research Assistant  
Applied Research Laboratory, February 2011 to May 2012, State College, Pennsylvania United States
▪ Researched and designed a program to simulate the deformation of the plate using various impulse load conditions. A program outputs allowed researcher to determine appropriate material during blast testing. Oversee entire the testing setup and apparatus for data acquisition system to acquire key data during analyzing and testing phase of the project. ▪ Assisted in design, testing, and validation method to improve process in Direct Digital Manufacturing.

IT Support Technician  
Penn State University, August 2008 to May 2010

▪ Coordinated and performed onsite support for students, faculty, and staff. Onsite supports included complete re-installation operating system (Windows 7,8, XP), back up documents, files, requested software, and office equipment. ▪ Supported and resolved hardware, software, web design, database issues to increase customer satisfaction metrics by 20% in 6 months, 30% increase footprint throughout university; rewritten SQL & SAP databases query for fast computational output and ease to follow. ▪ Performed daily administrative duties to assist during short staffing. ▪ Reported and resolved daily routine lab check problem and diagnostic IT hardware support. ▪ Conducted field service to vendor and customer site as request by customer to ensure customer service satisfaction metrics.


Penn State University  
Bachelor of Science (BS), Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 2008 to Jan, 2012


Schaefer Tray System Fault Reduction  by  Phat Phung, Celestino Gonzalez, William Brigham    
May, 2012 - Present
+ Utilized Green Belt LEAN DMAIC methodology to improve system efficiency by 30%. + Define: Tray system experiences reoccurring stoppages, which negatively effect overall production. + Measure: Given SQL database & Schaefer WMS, I create a master spreadsheet to log number of faults in the system. + Analysis: The tracking spreadsheet evaluated previous shift & give an indication on where and when the system generate the most fault. Utilizing a customize probability calculation to calculate frequency, it allow user to know the possibility on where and when the problem originate. + Improve: I ended up creating a change order impacting the software and physical system. A systematic change on software is activate when sensor goes beyond threshold (errors and bugs). An automated guide rail to physically push off the defective items back to the original position.


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