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Prasanna Satyanaryan

Battery Structural Engineer

Master's in mechanical engineering with 7 years of experience in automotive CAE performing structural and durability analysis with focal points including finite element analysis with linear, nonlinear, normal mode analysis, fatigue analysis, topology optimization in automotive domain .


Battery Structural Engineer (Contract)  
General Motors - North American, October 2018 to Present, Warren, Michigan United States
1. Perform random vibration analysis to access the fatigue life of the battery at the pack and module level 2. Developed PSD analysis methodology which saved 50% time and helped DRE’s understand the frequency causing higher vibration. 3. Involved in development of test fixture for battery pack. Provided various designs to meet requirements of testing team for cost, frequency, and manufacturability. 4. Perform vehicle twist fatigue life analysis to ascertain the battery pack structural strength under seven-inch, driveway and maximum twist conditions

Engineering Documentation Development Intern  
Altair Engineering Inc, April 2018 to October 2018, Irvine, California United States
1. Simulate Non-Linear benchmarking problems using OptiStruct & Abaqus solvers and compare the results obtained with the experimental data. 2. Topology and shape optimization using OptiStruct for study of lower control arm and use minimum member size option to get best results for 5-20% mass reduction as objective with overall 5-20% stress reduction. 3. Study of Hyper-Elastic Non-Linear problem (Treloar experiment) and compare the OptiStruct and RADIOSS solvers for the simulation result with the experimental data

Project Engineer (CAE Engineer)  
Altair Engineering Inc, February 2012 to April 2015, Bangalore India
1. Demonstrated expertise performing door slam analysis to calculate fatigue life using Abaqus and nCode DesignLife. Performed optimization and suggested design change to improve the fatigue life by 10%. 2.Executed door and hood static analysis involving examinations of frequency response analysis, normal modes, corner stiffness, lateral stiffness, hood pull down. Redesigned hood & door components to improve the stiffness by 20%.

Project Engineer  
ATG Innovations Pvt Ltd, December 2010 to February 2012, Bangalore India
Charted successful course of development in finite element modeling of car for subsystems like fascia, trims, doors, fender, and hood, as well as connecting the internal components using rigid elements for durability and crash analysis.


University of Texas at Arlington  
Master Of Science, Mechanical Engineer, Aug, 2015 to Dec, 2017