Product-led Social Entrepreneu

ASME iSHOW 2020 winner, Civil Engineering Innovator and hardware-led social Entrepreneur with 30 years in Hydro Power and River Engineering construction.


Founder Director  
Cherries Engineering and Innovation India PL, January 2018 to Present, Bengaluru India
(Hardware led Social Entrepreneur)
I have invented JALODBUST, a novel method of handling fecal sludge from 1 billion pits associated with on-site sanitation toilets across the globe thus relieving 2 million workers from the ignominy of seeing, smelling and splashing fecal sludge while handling it. I have started a company to promote, produce and market JALODBUST and am looking for partners who can help spread it across the globe in the shortest time. JALODBUST won ASMEiSHOW 2020 for Indian region, ISC-FICCI 2020 award for India for upliftment of sanitation workers, Bio-Smart award 2020 of Karnataka Government, HelloScience CI and promotion, EartTech.io top 30 for year 2020..

General Manager Hydro Projects  
KSK Energy Ventures, October 2010 to December 2016, Hyderabad India
(Hydro Power Project Construction)
Project Head for 120 MWs Hydro Power Project


Master of Business Administration, Operations Management, Aug, 2007 to Dec, 2009

National institute of technology - Srinagar  
Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aug, 1981 to Aug, 1985


A system for agitating and pumping sludge using Hydraulic shock waves      
Inventors: Rakesh Kasba.  Filed November 04, 2018  in India

A system for agitating and pumping sludge using Hydraulic shock waves

A piston based method of hydro power generation      
Inventors: Rakesh Kasba.  Filed July 01, 2020  in India

A method of unclogging submerged conduit using pulsating implosions      
Inventors: Rakesh Kasba.  Filed January 13, 2021  in India