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Mr Rohit B Solanki Jr, BE

Product Designer

I am working on UAV and the 11 bar linkage mechanism of theo jansen as main project.


Founder & Sole Proprietor  
Product Development Specialists, June 2020 to Present, Diu India
(Navinam Enterprise)
Navinam Enterprise promotes Livelihood Employment, Disruption, eco-friendly Solutions through its Sustainable Volunteering program, and contributes to Sustainable Development Goals, mainly Responsible Consumption & Production, Sustainable Communities & Cities, etc. It supports social & economic empowerment of rural and slum women and youth, along with environmental protection.

Program Manager  
Designer Manager, August 2019 to October 2019, Rajkot, Gujarat India
(ASME E-Fx - Hackathon)
Been in the lead role of Planning , Designing and Strategics Roles to each and every volunteer was design systematically with top-bottom approach. Tools like CMM, Maturity Model was utilized. Strategy to execute was also carried out to work on desired deadlines

Event Designer  
Design and Integration, July 2019 to September 2019, Rajkot India
The whole design of the event was on the basis of some following roots Start with why Nation Builders Rules Design Thinking This were merge and developed a event named design thinking hack-marathon of the solution for the good.

Product DesIgn Engineer  
Designer, June 2018 to Present, Rajkot India
(UD Lab)

Gandhi Fellowship  
FELLOW, June 2016 to June 2018, Dungarpur India
(Piramal Foundation)

Leadership Consultant  
Consultant, June 2016 to June 2018, Bagar (Rajasthan) India
(Kaivalya Education Foundation)

Social Entrepreneurship  
Leadership Consultant, June 2016 to June 2018, Dungarpur India
(Kaivalya Education Foundation)
1. working with 23 schools at Dungarpur as an social enterpreneur and striving for the education and rural development of the tribal community in dungarpur district (Rajasthan). 2. Prepared 3 Community Center which emphasis to improve the Education Background of the students, use the same Platform For A Meeting of Ajivika, SHG ,Employment Generation, Life Skill by Technical Media.


Kaivalya Education Foundation  
Other, Leadership and Enterpreneurship, Jun, 2016 to Jun, 2018

Piramal School Of Leadership, Bagar, Rajasthan  
Other, Educational Leadership, Jun, 2016 to Jun, 2018
Leadership consultant, The New Millionaire Nation Builder Change Maker

EDR Design Studio  
Other, Research Fellow, Nov, 2015 to May, 2016

Bachelor of Engineering, Sep, 2012 to Jun, 2016

B.H Gardi College of Engineering & Technology  
Bachelor of Engineering, Sep, 2012 to Jun, 2016


Air craft cooling system  by      

Ornithopter  by  Rohit solanki, virendra dhakhada, chirag solanki, manish budhavani,mitesh patel, devangi dhandhukiya,    
April, 2015 - Present
it is an mechanical bird prepared by wings in which 6 parameters are defined and were been keenly worked upon 3 parameters from mechanical side:- stability center of gravity weight 3 parameter from aerodynamic side:-lift thrust aileron

Theo Jansen Cycle  by  Rohit Solanki, Pratik vithlani, prayag babariya, bhavin    
April, 2015 - May, 2015
it contains a theo jansen mechanism and from which we made a theo jansen cycle by make a 4 same type of mechanism and then joining them by making synthesis