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Sailendu Biswal

Master's Student

A Design Engineer with adept analytical and problem solving skills.Passionate about solving the prevailing problems related to industry as well as society using my engineering expertise .


Research Assistant  
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani -Hyderabad Campus, December 2014 to Present, Hyderabad India
Development of Low cost Prosthetic Using 3D Printing. Techniques Used: Biomechanics, Finite Element Analysis,Reverse Engineering, 3D Printing


Birla Institute of Tech. & Science - Pilani  
Other, ME in Design Engineering, Jul, 2013 to Present

Eastern Academy of Science & Technology  
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aug, 2008 to Aug, 2012
Awarded for Scoring 3rd Highest CGPA for Mechanical Engg.2008-12


Design & Develop Wind Turbine Test Rig For Condition Monitoring Studies  by  Dr G.R Sabareesh , Sailendu Biswal    
August, 2014 - Present
- A test rig which mimics the operating condition of actual Wind Turbine was developed . -Condition Monitoring of Critical Components was studied


Design and Development of Wind Turbine Test Rig for Condition Monitoring Studies     
Published by (IEEE )
Authors: Sailendu Biswal ;G.R Sabareesh.  Published May 28, 2015

A bench top wind turbine test-rig system was designed and developed for analyzing the time domain vibration signatures of various critical components of a wind turbine system. The vibration signature for the healthy condition as well as the faulty condition (gear tooth root crack and roller bearing inner race axial crack) of the critical components were acquired and further processed to obtain the statistical features. The classification between healthy state features and faulty state features were carried out using ANN, yielding a classification efficiency of 92.6%