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Krishnamoorthy Subramanian

President, STIMS Institute

"Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian is the President of STIMS Institute Inc. He is a resident of Lexington, MA. His company specializes in growth strategies and innovation for industrial manufacturing companies. Education and Training for mid-career professionals and their development is another...
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STIMS Institute, July 2011 to Present

STIMS Institute is a Knowledge Integration resource to meet the needs of your company and your employees. We offer process innovation solutions to achieve higher ROI in your R&D/Innovation investments. We offer solutions that integrate the knowledge available from all sources, to solve industrial process problems leading to system oriented and science based solutions in Technology, Innovation and Management. Our projects cover three thrust areas: * Education * Process Solutions * End to End Innovation The sources of knowledge are widespread. They exist within a company, its customers as well suppliers. To-day the alliances across these partners is largely driven by IT tools and Supply Chain relationships. We offer a parallel approach by fostering relationships based on Knowledge at all levels and from all sources and their integration through a methodology called the System Approach. I will post more details on STIMS Institute in the near future.

Director, Core technology (Surface Preparation Technology)  
HPM Sector, Saint-Gobain, May 1983 to June 2011

International Business Development


Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
Sc.D, Mechanical Engineering, Management, Jan, 1972 to Jan, 1977


Next Generation Precision Grinding Machine Tools  by  Krishnamoorthy Subramanian, Ramesh Babu, N.K. Dhand, Mr. Mohanram - IMTMA    
June, 2010 - Present
Develop an algorithm for systematic and deterministic approach for higher precision Grinding Machine Tools desig and development