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Timothy Simpson

Professor @ Penn State Univ

Product family and product platform design, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, multidisciplinary design optimization, many objective visual analytics, and technology-based entrepreneurship Specialties: Engineering design and optimization


CIMP-3D: Center for Innovative Materials Process through Direct Digital Deposition, August 2012 to Present, University Park, Pennsylvania United States
CIMP-3D is a world-class resource for advancing and deploying additive manufacturing (AM) technology (www.cimp-3d.org). CIMP-3D currently serves as a DARPA Manufacturing Demonstration Facility for Additive Manufacturing, focusing on 3D metal printing. Capabilities include an EOS Powder Bed system, a Sciaky E-Beam system, and Optomec LENS system (http://www.cimp-3d.org/facilities.html). Advanced design and prototyping capabilities are also available, including a Stratasys Fortus system as well as access to numerous mid-range and open source 3D polymer printers.

Director, The Learning Factory  
Penn State University, July 2007 to December 2012

Coordinated over 150 industry-sponsored capstone design projects for nearly 750 students across 12 engineering majors, including cross-college design projects with students and faculty in the Colleges of Arts & Architecture, Business, Health & Human Development, and Information Sciences & Technology

Penn State University, July 2006 to Present, University Park, Pennsylvania United States
Research interests include product family and product platform design, trade space exploration and "human-in-the-loop" optimization, interdisciplinary design, design innovation and entrepreneurship, and additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Teaching includes concurrent engineering, product dissection, mechanical systems design, product family design, and technology commercialization.

MIT Professional Institute, July 2006 to Present, University Park, Pennsylvania United States
Prof. Olivier de Weck and I co-teach a 4-day short course each summer on Product Platform & Product Family Design: From Strategy to Implementation (http://web.mit.edu/professional/short-programs/courses/product_family_design.html). The course draws 25-30 program managers, platform architects, project managers, product designers, and platform engineers annually from a variety of companies and industries around the world. The course draws heavily on the book, Product Platform and Product Family Design: Methods and Applications (Springer, 2005).

Associate Professor  
Penn State University, July 2003 to June 2006, University Park, Pennsylvania United States
Research interests including product family and product platform design, multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO), multidimensional data visualization, metamodeling, graphical design interfaces, and cyber-enabled product dissection. Teaching includes Designing Product Families, Concurrent Engineering, and Product Dissection; Director, Product Realization Minor

Assistant Professor  
Penn State University, August 1998 to June 2003, University Park, Pennsylvania United States
Research interests include engineering design and optimization, metamodeling and design of experiments, product family and product platform design. Teach interests including Designing Product Families, Concurrent Engineering, Product Dissection, Mechanical Systems Design, and IME, Inc. - a two-semester course dedicated to the design, development, and realization of 50 units of a novel idea.

Visiting Scholar  
NASA Langley Research Center, May 1997 to August 1997, Langley, Virginia United States
Evaluated the use of kriging and response surface models to support structural analysis of a novel aerospike nozzle design for the VentureStar reusable launch vehicle concept.


Georgia Institute of Technology  
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1995 to Jan, 1998

Georgia Institute of Technology  
Master of Science (MS), Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1994 to Jan, 1995

Cornell University  
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 1990 to Jan, 1994