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Senior engineering professional with 25 years of experience in technology development (thermal/fluids engineering & applications, electro-mechanical systems for automation and control, micro-systems, experimental methods, metrology & sensor development for challenging applications)


Principal / Director for Advanced Programs  
Innoveering, LLC, July 2015 to Present, Ronkonkoma, New York United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
New business and product portfolio development for innovative concepts that address the aerospace, defense, sensor, power & energy markets.

Research Professor  
Stony Brook University, November 2014 to October 2016, Stony Brook, New York United States
Thermal-fluids engineering and advanced metrology research

Technology Consultant  
Consultant, September 2014 to Present, Nesconset, New York United States
Thermal-Fluids Engineering

Director, Business Strategy and Product Development  
ATK, July 2012 to July 2014, Ronkonkoma, New York United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
Site lead for managing business development and product development activities: technology transition, marketing, opportunity pursuits and internal R&D investments -- high speed systems testing and evaluation; advanced propulsion; flight systems and safety; sensors for harsh environments; energy generation/harvesting; applications and technology development for the oil/gas sector.

Head, ATK Homeland Defense Office  
ATK, November 2010 to November 2012, Ronkonkoma, New York United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
Product development and commercialization targeting First Responders and general Homeland Security market.

Senior Manager, Advanced Concepts Group  
ATK, April 2007 to March 2012, Ronkonkoma, New York United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
Technology and product development in physical sensor systems, micro thermal/power systems, integrated mini/micro systems and autonomous decision systems for aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors.

Senior Program Manager  
ATK, September 2004 to March 2007, Ronkonkoma, New York United States
(Aerospace & Defense)
Program management for small and large (multi-million) programs funded by DoD and NASA.

Senior Applications Specialist / Contract Measurements Manager  
Dantec Dynamics, May 1998 to August 2004, Mahwah, New Jersey United States
* Sales & Marketing of HWA, PIV, PDA, LDA, LIF and other advanced sensor systems in North America. * Product development & Customer Training in the use of advanced diagnostic methods for fluid measurement. * Manager of Contract Measurement Services for North American market: responsible for marketing, sales and execution, servicing numerous industries and government customers.

Mechanical Engineer  
NIST, September 1996 to May 1998, Gaithersburg, Maryland United States
Researcher as part of the advanced instrumentation group.

Adjunct Assistant Professor / Researcher  
Polytechnic University, September 1995 to May 1996, Brooklyn, New York United States
Taught several classes, undergraduate and graduate, in the Aero/Mechanical Engineering Dept. Led research on complex separate internal flows and implemented novel laser-based sensors for fluid measurement.

Institute of Fluid Mechanics, August 1993 to June 1995, Erlangen Germany
Worked in the Turbulence Research group, headed by Prof. Dr. F. Durst, under the framework of the European Union sponsored research project: ETMA - Efficient Turbulence Models for Aeronautics. Headed research for investigating internal turbulent flow physics.


Polytechnic University  
Ph.D., Aeronautics & Astronautics, Jan, 1990 to Jan, 1993
Experimental Fluid Mechanics Turbulence Separated Flows Hot-wire anemometry Laser-based instrumentation Sensor development Control & Automation

Polytechnic University  
MS, Aerospace Engineering, Jan, 1988 to Jan, 1990
Analytical methods and simulations Aeroelasticity Composite structures Structural mechanics


Ultra High Temperature Sensor for Gas Turbine Blade Monitoring  by  George Papadopoulos    
September, 2015 - Present
NAVY SBIR award to develop ultra high temperature (2500 F) capable sensor for gas turbine blade health monitoring

Miniaturized Parametric Bleed Interface System for Inlet Flow Studies  by  George Papadopoulos    
August, 2015 - Present
AF SBIR -- involves micro-fluidics and MEMS fabrication for developing a smart boundary layer bleed system for parametric wind tunnel studies

Second Environment Sensor for High Speed Systems  by  Nicholas Tiliakos, George Papadopoulos    
September, 2015 - Present
AF SBIR -- second environment sensor development for safety critical system integration.

Non-Invasive Measurement of Fluid/Gas Characteristics in Harsh Environments  by  George Papadopoulos    
March, 2016 - Present
NAVY SBIR -- Strategic Systems Program Office

Real Time Gas Turbine Engine Particulate Ingestion Sensor for Particle Size and Composition  by  George Papadopoulos    
September, 2016 - Present


Methods and apparatuses for autonomous flight termination  (8,868,258)    
Inventors: George Papadopoulos, Derek DeVries, Steven Thomas, Tim Van Dixhorn, Charlie Weigel, Charles Dedon.  Issued October 21, 2014  in United States

Embodiments include a flight safety assembly onboard an aerial vehicle, which includes a first sensor configured to sense first information related to flight of the aerial vehicle and a second sensor configured to sense second information related to the flight of the aerial vehicle. A sensor input is adapted to receive third information related to the flight of the aerial vehicle. A processor is operably coupled to the first sensor, the second sensor, and the sensor input. The processor is configured to determine three independent instantaneous impact points for the aerial vehicle by independently analyzing each of the first information, the second information and the third information. The processor is also configured to generate three independent onboard flight termination indicators for each of the three independent instantaneous impact points that intersects with a region to be protected

Optical coupled sensors for harsh environments  (9,391,216)    
Inventors: George Papadopoulos.  Issued July 12, 2016  in United States

An optical sensor comprising a light source; a sensor substrate, arranged to receive a force to be detected, the sensor substrate including an interference pattern generator, optically coupled to the light source for receiving light from the light source, and generating an interference pattern, and a detector, optically coupled to the sensor substrate for receiving the interference pattern and providing a signal which can be used to determine the force applied to the sensor substrate.

Non-Intrusive Sensor for in-situ Measurement of Recession Rate of Ablative and Eroding Materials  (8,627,724 B2)    
Inventors: George Papadopoulos.  Issued January 14, 2014  in United States

A non-intrusive sensor for in-situ measurement of recession rate of heat shield ablatives and other eroding materials, comprising a housing, which can be mounted near a material for which the recession rate is to be monitored. An ultrasonic wave source is carried in the housing. A microphone is also carried in the housing, for collecting the reflected ultrasonic waves from an interface surface of the ablative material. A time phasing control circuit is also included for time-phasing the ultrasonic wave source so that the waves reflected from the interface surface of the ablative material focus on the microphone, to maximize the acoustic pressure detected by the microphone and to mitigate acoustic velocity variation effects through the material through a de-coupling process that involves a software algorithm. A software circuit for computing the location off of which the ultrasonic waves scattered to focus back at the microphone is also included, so that the recession rate of the heat shield ablative may be monitored in real-time through the scan-focus approach.


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