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Nuclear Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer  
Bechtel Power Corporation, February 2011 to Present

Currently, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects dealing with a few nuclear power plants in operation located in the Alabama and Georgia regions. Some of the projects include the analysis of valve service conditions, several HVAC analyses due to the addition of heat loads, reverse flow analyses, and 10CFR50.59 (licensing) evaluations.

Student Led Team Member  
University of Maryland, College Park, January 2010 to May 2010

Worked with student led group in order to develop presentation for engineering community. Assisted in the development of preliminary designs for a nuclear power plant to produce electricity in conjunction with hydrogen gas. These designs consisted of a High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor supplying the steam for a Steam Reformation Hydrogen production process. Performed mathematical calculations in order to determine optimum operating variables such as plant efficiency, safety factors, and the production quantity of electricity and hydrogen gas.

Student led Team Manager  
Bechtel/University of Maryland: College Park, September 2009 to December 2009

Performed virtual timeline simulation using iGrafx software in order to evaluate how well the project was staying on schedule. This simulation used a flow diagram with assigned variables to approximate how much time the project would take to complete. Worked with the Black Belt Champion of the Six Sigma division in order to evaluate the progress of the project. Identified that even though the project had just begun, the progress of the project was already behind. Worked with student led group in order to complete the assigned tasks.

Summer Intern  
Bechtel Power Corporation, May 2006 to August 2009

Assisted in the development of preliminary designs for nuclear power plants in the Alabama and Georgia areas that were modernizing aged piping systems. These designs were 2-D and offered the client a visual representation of the new piping layout. Worked with the project manager of the nuclear power plants in order to update company databases. Uploaded new drawings onto the database so that the construction site was kept up-to-date. Performed computer and mathematical calculations on new designs. Identified whether or not the design satisfied the nuclear plants needs for the life of the plant.


University of Maryland College Park  
Bachelor's, Mechanical Engineering, Jan, 2007 to Jan, 2010
Specialization in Nuclear Engineering by taking the following classes: - Nuclear Reactor Systems & Safety - Radiation Effects of Materials - Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Engineering - Reactor and Radiation Measurements Laboratory - Integrated Product and Process Development


  • Engineer-In-Training
    Maryland (39038)
    June 2010