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Andrew Jennings

Project Manager

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc; Bellingham, WA: Professionally licensed engineer with extensive experience in overland conveyor design, commissioning and troubleshooting. I am also one of the lead software developers at our company with a strong background in C/C++ and C#.


Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer  
Conveyor Dynamics, Inc., February 2007 to Present, Bellingham, Washington United States
(Bulk Material Handling)


State Univ College/Buffalo  
Master Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 2004 to Feb, 2007

University of California, Berkeley  
Bachelor Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 1999 to Dec, 2003


Adani Power Dahej Overland Conveyor  by      
March, 2010 - February, 2013
This project began as a feasibility study and morphed into a complete detail engineering and commissioning work order. I was the lead designer during the feasibility stage. During the detail engineering stage my role shifted to project manager. During commissioning my role changed again to field engineer.


  • Professional Engineer
    State of Washington (48286)
    November 2013  - November 2015


India’s First High Speed, Elevated Triangulated Gallery Overland Conveying System     
Published by (Bulk Solids Handling. Vol. 33 (2013). No. 6, pp 24-27.)
Authors: Jennings, A. Bhansari, J. Shah, K..  Published December 01, 2013

In 2013 the Adani Group commissioned a unique conveyor system that moves up to 6000 t/h of coal to a rail loading silo approx. 4.75 kilometres from the port. These conveyors are supported by lightweight triangular galleries that do not include walkways and are maintained with a motorised trolley.

Case Study: Correcting Mechanical And Control Problems On Essroc?s Multi-Drive Station Horizontally Curved Conveyor     
Published by (Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration. Vol. 334 (2013). pp 472-476)
Authors: Jennings, A. Perrone, P. Cornet J..  Published December 31, 2013

In November 2005, Essroc Cement, part of the Italcementi Group, commissioned a long overland conveyor at their Nazareth plant in Pennsylvania. This conveyor, tagged CV-105, was designed to transport 1000 tph of limestone from the quarry to the kiln, and 400 tph of hot clinker (at 300°F) at back from the kiln to a handling facility about halfway back. Conveyor CV-105 is 8969 ft (2733 m) long. It gains 152 ft (46 m) of elevation in the first 1570 ft (480 m), then is mostly flat for the remaining 7400 ft (2250 m) (Figure 1). After the limestone is discharged at the head pulley, hot clinker is loaded onto the return side of the belt. This clinker can be discharged at one of two locations.