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Fellow Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Corp Steam Divisions at Lester, Pa. 1953 to 1983. Industry Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Mechanical Engineering Labs at Villanova Universtiy at Villanova, Pa 1983 to 1986. QAE and Industrial Specialist at DCMA (Defense Contracts...
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Adjunct Mathematics Professor  
Delaware County Community College, September 1998 to June 2000, Media, Pennsylvania United States
Mathematics Professor teaching everything from general math and precalculus to advanced calculus.

QAE & Industrial Specialist & technology teacher  
US GOVT, March 1987 to September 1998, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
(Dept of Defense)
District QAE and teacher of QAE skills incl Statistical Process Control and all the Metalurgy courses, expert on advanced aircraft engines including single crystal technology. Also expert on mechanized armor and weapons systems and helicopters, etc.

Industry Professor  
Villanova University, September 1983 to May 1986, Villanova, Pennsylvania United States
Industry Professor teaching 3rd year subjects, vibrations,machine design, mechanical labs (became lab director), numerical methods,senior design seminar, etc. Also, taught vibrations in grad school.

senior steam turbine and power systems designer for Westinghouse 1953/1983  
Westinghouse electric corp, June 1953 to July 1983, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Senior Steam Turbine Designer and Power Systems Designer consulted on weld shop and mfg problems, etc. Also customer applications.


University of Pennsylvania Wharton School  
Master of Business Administration, Finance & Economics, Sep, 1960 to Jun, 1966

Drexel Univ  
Master Of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Sep, 1953 to Jun, 1956
graduated with honors

Drexel University  
Mechanical Engineer, Solid Mechanics, Sep, 1950 to Jun, 1953
Pi Tau Sigma & Tau Beta Pi. graduated 11th in class.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (both open and closed cycle)  by  Coleman, Technical Director Pump Applications    
May, 1977 - July, 1983
Developed Designs for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (both open and closed cycle systems) based on optimization programs.whereby power system was designed to develop power from temperature difference of surface water and that at a depth of half a mile in tropical oceans.

Floating Nuclear Plant  by  Coleman as team leader    
May, 1972 - May, 1977
An analysis of rotor distortions resulting from seasonal temperature variations on a 400ft square barge acting as base for a 1200 MW nuclear power plant moored within a seawall off the coast of NJ for Public Service Gas & Electric Co. of NJ. Rotor of tandem coupled turbines and generator and exciter is approx. 200 ft long with 11 different bearings experiences a seasonal mid span deflection in excess of I inch. Rotor stresses and bearing load variations are evaluated.


  • Registered Professional Engineer
    State of Pennsylvania (PE4198E)
    November 1957  - November 2011


Steam Turbine Supports  (Don't recall)    
Inventors: several.  Issued May 15, 1970  in Upper Volta Africa

System for mounting steam turbine cylinders to achieve thermal stability, alignment and preposition for rotor alignment.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion both open and closed cycle     
Published by (Westinghouse )
Authors: coleman, et al.  Published March 20, 1978

A series of these reports were issued to our customer (US Dept of Energy) for the years 1978 through 1982.