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Yash Pund


A mechanical engineering student from India . Hope to gain knowledge and experience from this amazing band of engineers , professionals as well as co-students . Adventurer and special interests in hydraulic engineering and industrial piping as well as consultancy .


Modern Education Society's College Of Engineering  
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aug, 2017 to Present
Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA) Member at MESCOE , Pune . Event Co-Ordinator for techical event Googler and part of Documentation Team at Phoenix 2k18 , the technical event of MESCOE .

Sir Parashumbhau College  
Other, Junior College, Jun, 2015 to Mar, 2017

Vikhe Patil Memorial School  
Other, Tenth Grade, Jun, 2004 to Mar, 2015


Automatic Water Level Indicator/Alarm  by  Myself , Kunal Gatkal    
April, 2018 - April, 2018
In first year of mechanical engineering , in the second semester under our Basic Electronics Engineering(BXE) Course , we were assigned to develop an automatic water indicator/alarm which has useful applications in heat pumps , geysers etc . Under the guidance of Assistant Prof.Mukesh.D.Katole of E&TC Deparment , we completed the project successfully .