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Yunlong Zi

Postdoctoral Fellow

My name is Yunlong Zi (in Chinese: 訾云龙), and currently I am Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology working with Prof. Zhong Lin Wang. My current research interests mainly focus on fundamental study of nanogenerators for energy harvesting, self-powered system, hybrid energy cell. I...
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Postdoctoral Fellow  
Georgia Institute of Technology, August 2014 to Present, Atlanta, Georgia United States

Triboelectric nanogenerator for mechanical energy harvesting MRS Postdoctoral Award winner, 2017 spring


Purdue University  
Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, Aug, 2009 to Aug, 2014
One of "Five students who are transformation makers" 2013

Tsinghua University  
Bachelor of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Aug, 2005 to Jul, 2009
Excellent school work scholarship 2006 & 2007


MRS Postdoctoral Award
The MRS Postdoctoral Awards recognizes postdoctoral scholars who are showing exceptional promise that may include, for example, excellence in scientific research, leadership, advocacy, outreach, or teaching, during their postdoc assignment. Dr. Yunlong Zi was recognized "for pioneering research to improve the efficiency and wider applicability of mechanical energy harvesting systems”.