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News & Updates

  • ASME Metro Detroit’s Virtual Event ”3D Printing Of Production Parts with High Structural Integrity”

    When: Wednesday October 21, 2020 @ 2 PM to 3PM EDT

    Where: Online via Zoom

    Click here to register here for free

    As a continuing commitment to provide our members and the associates with the most up to date industry related technical data, ASME Metro Detroit Chapter Is sponsoring a Virtual event via Zoom. It will show how using 3D printers can produce high strength production ready parts saving money, time and reducing the gap between design and manufacturing. 

    Gary Reed, sales engineer with Addy Machinery, who is a distributor of the Markforged 3D printer line, will be giving the presentation.

    Why 3D Printing?

    Learn how to harness the power of 3D printing for your industry. This isn’t the future — it’s today. Companies use 3D printed parts throughout the product development lifecycle, from prototype to production, assembly jigs to aftermarket support. They’re in factories, on shop floors — even under the hood.

    What information will be covered?

    • How to shift into high gear with 3D print production-ready parts in high strength metal and high-performance materials like Carbon Fiber for reduced weight, increased strength, and lightning-fast iteration.
    • How to get the parts you need where and when you need them by printing them on-site. Stay ahead of the pack when the supply chain is at risk, and keep your operations moving when disruption hits.
    • How to cut downtime, labor, and scrap by 3D printing your parts and tools on-demand. 

    More information:

    This event will demonstrate how 3D printing is among the leading tools of today, driving innovation and making the world go. Find more information on Addy Machinery here 

    Note: all attendees are eligible for a Professional Development Certificate showing (1) PDH hour of credit. If you require this please indicate your request on the registration form in the space provided.