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  • Technical Educational Program November 5, 2016

    On    Saturday, November 5th, the ASME Milwaukee Section hosted a technical seminar at the Grohmann Tower on the MSOE campus.  From 8:30 am thru 1:00 pm, sixteen of our engineers earned four PDHs and a glimpse into four new subject areas.  Dr. Subha Kumpaty from MSOE organized this seminar and arranged the venue.  With ample open lighting, the fourth floor conference room proved to be an excellent choice.  In addition, an honorable mention goes to our food preparers--not a box lunch this time--but home cooked chicken, rice and vegetables.  Also, the endless supply of chocolate chip cookies provided us with additional energy.

       First up--the design and development of medical packaging by Mr. Sung Kwon.  In this session, Mr. Kwon explained three critical functions of properly designed packaging: (1) maintaining the sterile barrier: (2) preventing product damage, and (3) providing for traceability.  To do this, he reviewed all of the steps involved in the design phase including the quality reports and feedback review.  With the examples he provided, it was apparent by the end of the lecture just how important the packaging is to insure safe product delivery.  Comments from our participants included, "This is subject matter not often covered, well done!"  Thank you Mr. Kwon for taking the time to prepare and deliver this presentation.

       In the next session, principal engineer Aaron Lynn of Oshkosh Truck, provided information on the design, production and testing of military as well as other commercial vehicles that they manufacture.  Of particular interest was the M-ATV program (Armored All-Terrain Vehicle).  Within a year from the initial request for proposal, Oshkosh Truck was producing over 1000 vehicles a month!

       From heavy equipment military transport vehicles costing $500 per hour to drive, to specially designed snow throwers handling 5000 tons per hour (up to 150 feet), Mr. Lynn provided detailed information and dramatic videos.  We appreciate his willingness to provide us with an outstanding presentation.  In recognition of these engineering accomplishments by Oshkosh Truck to saving lives, Aaron Lynn received a standing ovation at the completion of his talk.  This was an emotional moment for all that attended.  Comments from participants included, "Extremely interesting--an incredible story." 

       We shifted gears with our third presentation and learned about pattern and core box design.  Of particular interest was the use of CFD simulation software used to predict problems arising during the fill process.  By showing the computer simulations, we observed how the molten metal would fill the mold cavities and what design changes would be required to minimize porosity, voids and shrinkage problems.  Comments included, "Nice overview on casting techniques and simulation software."

       We wish to thank Mr. Olivier Moreau for an interesting presentation.  Mr. Moreau is the Foundry Casting Engineer and Pattern Shop Supervisor at Milwaukee Valve in Prairie du Sac, WI.  Milwaukee Valve has over 720 employees in four locations--two in China and two in Wisconsin.

       The final session was presented by Denise Gergetz, librarian and archivist at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  With her presentation, we learned the importance of an efficient search.  Ms. Gergetz guided us through the many search tools and different websites available--from open source to subscription services.  We then learned about the different types of technical resources--from books and journals, papers and conference proceedings--through institutional research, codes and patents/intellectual property.  Comments from some of our participants included: "I was unaware of many of the resources--this should help me with further research." and, "good news to know that some research resources are available without a fee, even to non-MSOE grads."

       Thank you Ms. Gergetz for sharing your knowledge and practical experience with us.

       In closing, all of us at the ASME Milwaukee Section wish to express our sincerest gratitude for the efforts of Dr. Subha Kumpaty.  Not only has he organized this seminar, but his work in developing our entire seminar program has been invaluable.  With our fifth half-day seminar to be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017, our section has provided PDH programs covering many interesting engineering topics.

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