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A century old, the Milwaukee Section has grown to encompass the southern and eastern reaches of Wisconsin. On offer are open discussions, lively activities, and support for industry and academia...
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News & Updates

  • ASME Milwaukee Continuing Education Seminar (WCTC) March 25, 2017

         Trudging off early on a Saturday morning to attend an engineering seminar may not be first on your "most favorite" things to do.  But, the satisfaction of discovering something new is well worth the effort.  Our group was small (22), but enthusiasm was high.  Most who attended have attended our past seminars.  This seminar was #5.  Also, earning the four PDH’s for the morning is a side benefit—it should not be considered the main incentive.  All topics covered were interesting and that alone should motivate us to explore these subjects thoroughly.

         First to present was Bruce Weiss from Rockwell Automation.  The topic—Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.  Bruce is an ASME certified Technologist (GDTP)—one of 300 in the world.  Bruce is definitely an expert which was evident from his clear illustrations and knowledge of how to use the many symbols.  He explained the importance of the system and how part yield and efficiency can be improved.

    Dr. Maruthi Devarakonda was next.  The topic--Energy Efficient Emission Control to Reduce the Impact of Global Warming.  Maruthi covered the effect of emissions on our health and the first regulations legislated by congress in 1963 and amended in 1970, 1977 and 1990.  The regulations resulted in a drop of CO concentrations since 1990 of 77%.  He then went on to describe the different types of emission control devices as well as catalysts.  

         Dr. Todd Parrish from Northwestern University spoke on the Fundamentals and Applications of Neuroimaging methods.  First he covered early methods of imaging to include X-rays and the CT scans which provided the first digital imaging.  He went on to explain how MRI scans and the variation in magnetic fields creates an image.  In addition, he showed how a stimulus to a specific region of the brain causes electrical activity and a corresponding change in blood flow.   Dr. Parrish has studied the brain of a convicted serial killer in an attempt to explain his behavior (under tight security).  A very interesting presentation.

         Dr. Subha Kumpaty and two of his graduate students presented the final portion of our seminar.  Operating under a grant from the National Science Foundation, the research goals were to determine optimum levels of molybdenum and the scan rates for laser metal deposition.  Properties on the resulting samples to include hardness and corrosion resistance were studied.  The advantages of utilizing molybdenum as a surface modification to a titanium/aluminum hip implant results in a harder surface and less corrosion in the human body.  Thank you to Dr. Kumpaty and students Beth Paoli and Arianna Ziemer for the excellent presentation.

            All of our presenters received a copy of Tom Fehring's recently released book, "The Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee", as well as a certificate of appreciation.  Thanks to those on our board who were involved in the planning of this event and especially to Dr. Subha Kumpaty who has organized all of our technical seminars.


  • ASME/SAE Tour of UW-Madison Engineering Research Facility - April, 12, 2017

         The trip to Madison, WI, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in April was well worth the effort.  With a combined eighty five ASME and SAE members attending, the tour of the Engine Research Center on the UW campus was well received.  UW Madison hosted the refreshments as we prepared for the presentation and tour—thank you!

         After gathering in the Chaney Room of Engineering Hall, the large group was split in half.  Forty started on the tour with Michael Andrie, Program Director of the Department of Engineering Professional Development, and three other guides—Ryan Walker, Glen Bower and Kieran Mc Cabe.  

         Members were able to tour the individual engine laboratories and learn about the many research projects.  In some cases, the research students were conducting tests and were able to answer questions directly.  Some of the many topics being studied include particulate emissions, knock measurement and construction of a direct injection engine with optical access.

         Susan Ottman provided a presentation for those not on tour.  The subject related to our professional development in the area of interpersonal relationships in the business environment.  The group earned ½ PDH for their attendance.

         After the tours and presentations, Philip R. O’Leary, Professor and Chair of the Professional Development Department, received a certificate of appreciation for their effort.  In addition, Tom Fehring’s book, “The Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee” was presented to engineering department staff.  A special thank you to the College of Engineering UW-Madison and especially Dr. Susan Anderson who was instrumental in the planning of this tour.

         Following the tour, members traveled to the Essen Haus for dinner.  With family size portions of German food including Sauer Braten, noodles, meat balls, sauerkraut and cake, the group did not leave hungry.  Thank you to Douglas Kiesling and Ken Derra for planning and handling the arrangements for the tour.  Also thanks to Phil Vincent in registration and Carol Perkins for assisting with the handling of the tour groups. 

  • Presentation and Tour of the Potawatomi Casino Biodigesters - May 17, 2017

    TITLE: There is no Easy Street to Renewable Energy Development

    If you live in Milwaukee, you have certainly heard of Potawatomi Casino and Hotel.  You have also likely heard of the Forest County Potawatomi Community’s (FCPC) commitment to the environment.  During this meeting we will be learning about how they are committed towards achieving energy sovereignty, and built a two megawatt cogeneration plant powered with biogas created by anaerobic digestion.  This will include a presentation by Charlie Opferman, who managed the development of the cogeneration plant, and will conclude with a tour of the digesters.

    During this event, we will also hold our Annual Elections.

    WHEN: May 17, 2017; Gather at 5pm

    WHERE: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino – Harmony Room

    For more information and to register, go to:

    Registration is limited to 40 people.