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A century old, the Milwaukee Section has grown to encompass the southern and eastern reaches of Wisconsin. On offer are open discussions, lively activities, and support for industry and academia...
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News & Updates

  • ASME Milwaukee - May 13th, 2020 - Student Night (Virtual Meeting)

    On 5/13/20 the ASME Milwaukee section hosted a virtual meeting to review student section progress and achievements. Each student section in attendance prepared a presentation detailing the projects they have worked on, and the progress they were able to make in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Two student design teams participated in ASME’s Building to the Sky competition. The MSOE teams placed 1st and 2nd in the competition at ASME East. They both used designs that featured omni wheels that coiled the paper to make a strong paper tower to support the weight.

     UW Milwaukee

    Continued design and manufacturing work on their HPVC vehicle. They are investigating improvements to their roll over protection system as well as an aerodynamic faring to lower drag. They presented their analysis for both improvements they plan to execute next school year.

     UW Madison

    Participated in the IM3D challenge through ASME. They made a drone that could participate in the challenge. The drone used as many 3D printed parts as possible and a series of magnets to pick up objects on the flying course and deposit them in the dropzone by scraping the object along the ground. They built a successful prototype and tested its runtime for feasibility.

     The presentations were accompanied by a Q&A with each presenter through which the professional members were able to ask detailed design questions, and engage the students. Following the presentations contact information for upcoming student section leaders was shared with the GLT so we know who to contact when school starts up next year.

  • ASME Milwaukee - Election Results


    Official Results from Online Election Held April 14 thru 28, 2020

    Constant Contact was used this year to conduct a survey of the ASME Milwaukee Section membership. Membership was asked to vote for a unanimous ballot for the nominees to the 10 positions on the GLT (Group Leadership Team) for the section program year July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. The Nominating Committee of the Milwaukee Section conducted candidate considerations to fill the 10 GLT positions (both voting and non-voting) to arrive at this slate of nominees. In lieu of the recent COVID-19 pandemic along with state (and ASME) imposed gathering restrictions to conduct this business in-person, the GLT moved, seconded, and approved this slate to be taken to the section membership for a direct vote.

    Voting Results:

     Respondents: 39

    “Yes” votes: 39

    “No” votes: 0

    Again, congratulations to the following who were elected to the GLT!

    Chair (Voting): Scott Kramer

    Vice-Chair (Voting): Phil Vincent

    Secretary (Voting): Larry Miley

    Treasurer (Voting): Chris Nelson

    Group Page Administrator (Voting): Allen Perkins

    Advisor (Voting): Mohammad Mahinfalah

    Advisor (Voting): Joe Pechstein

    Past Chair (Non-Voting): Bryan Eskra

    Seminar Chair (Non-Voting): Subha Kumpaty

    Advisor (Non-Voting): Bruce Weiss

    Respectfully submitted by...

    Ken Derra

    Chair – Nominating Committee

    April 29, 2020