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A century old, the Milwaukee Section has grown to encompass the southern and eastern reaches of Wisconsin. On offer are open discussions, lively activities, and support for industry and academia...
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News & Updates

  • Technical Webinar - Sept. 22, 2021

    Our thanks to Thomas Muldoon for his presentation on "The Power Recovery Condensing System".  This event, held on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd, 2021, kicked off ASME Milwaukee's virtual program for the 2021-22 fiscal year--eleven members participated.  With in-person programs and tours still on hold, we need only to turn on our computer to enjoy these technical programs.  Our volunteers and speakers still expend the same effort in planning for these events, and , we encourage our members to support these programs.  Hope to see you all at our student event currently planned for October 13th.

  • The Power Recovery Condensing System (PRCS)

    On Wednesday, September 22, at 5:15 pm CT, ASME Milwaukee will be hosting a live webinar.  Members and non-members are invited to take a look at conventional power plants and review a strategy that could rescue many plants from becoming stranded assets. By introducing a secondary cycle into plant operation, efficiency gains will allow more rapid investment recovery and reduced emissions. Our speaker will present the Power Recovery Condensing System (PRCS) to implement this strategy when there are significant seasonal temperature changes in the environment.

    There is no cost to attend but we are suggesting a donation to our Student Support Initiative.

    About The Presenter:

    Thomas Muldoon, P.E., started in the heat transfer industry in 1978. Along the way, He has authored several technical papers, presented multiple times at EPRI symposiums, and has been elected a Fellow of ASME. In 1983 he established American Exchanger Services, a firm to service power plant heat exchangers, feed-water heaters, and surface condensers as well as offering services like high energy fabrication and custom design. AM-EX has grown, is now an international firm, and is manufacturing new design power plant equipment of all types. It is now in the enviable position of outlasting most competitors that made feed-water heaters, becoming one of the two US large makers still around.

    PRCS is a product of his new venture, Heat Transfer Engineering, LLC, a technology firm focused on elevating the performance of existing power plants.

    Register Here →

  • "The Chronicles of Mechanical Engineering"

    Milwaukee Chapter's Tom Fehring, author of "The Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee", and, "When Milwaukee went to War", has added a third book to his list of accomplishments.  This book is entitled "Chronicles of Mechanical Engineering". 

    Tom curated and co-edited this book for ASME.  It came out in early June, but has taken until now to get things set up properly on Amazon. It is also available for sale on

    The direct link to purchase the book on Amazon is:

     And on is:

    It is available to members via at $32, and a Kindle version is available on Amazon for $9.99.

    View attached file for more info