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A century old, the Milwaukee Section has grown to encompass the southern and eastern reaches of Wisconsin. On offer are open discussions, lively activities, and support for industry and academia...
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News & Updates

  • Tour of Rexnord Innovation Center - September 14, 2016

    This month, the ASME Milwaukee Section will tour the Rexnord Innovation Center on West Beloit Road in Milwaukee on Wednesday September 14, 2016.

    Following the tour, we will have dinner at Meyer's Restaurant in Greenfield. The Rexnord Innovation Center is the research and development group for Rexnord Industries, LLC.

     In addition to an introductory Corporate Overview of Rexnord, a tour of the Rexnord Innovation Center will be provided where they will highlight their testing capabilities and examples of some of their project work.

    Additionally, for the benefit of any students in attendance, they will share information on their Technical / Engineering talent development programs designed to recruit and develop a strong pipeline of engineering talent for the Company.


    Rexnord Innovation Center

    5101 West Beloit Road

    Milwaukee, WI 53214


    On 9/14/16 we will gather at Rexnord Innovation Center at 5 pm for tour and presentation.  Dinner to follow at Meyer’s Restaurant in Greenfield.






  • History & Heritage Event

         On Wednesday,  May 18, 2016, the Milwaukee Section held a “History & Heritage” Event at the Grohmann Museum on the MSOE campus.  The Director of the Grohmann Museum, James Kieselburg, provided us with the appropriate setting for the meeting and ensured excellent accommodations.  Prior to the activities, we dined on a delicious buffet meal.

             First up, elections—as required by the ASME Group Operation Guide.  The following were unanimously elected to hold office for the next fiscal year—July 1, 2015 thru June 30, 2017:

    Chair – Al Perkins

    Vice Chair – Scott Kramer

    Treasurer – Douglas Kiesling

    Secretary – Liam Cohen

    GLT Members -- Bryan Eskra, Subha Kumpaty, Buck Tanner, Carissa Petzinger,                 

                               Chris Nelson and Gene Janikowski.

              After the election, we honored the ASME 50 year members.  With 70% of the Rock River Section now officially combined with our section, the total was 10 members eligible for the award.  They were:  (present)--Donald Byrnes, Joseph Derra and Fred Young; (not present)--Robert Christiansen, James Danielsen, George Fransson, Burzoe Gandhi, Richard Ohl, Robert Woythal and Richard Gaggioli.  Three of ten eligible members received a framed certificate as well as an ASME Milwaukee shirt.  The other seven received an award certificate in the mail.  Eugene Pramenko, an SAE member who helped found the SAE student chapter on the MSOE campus, was presented with a special award for achievement. 

              And last, but not least, our main presentation.  Tom Fehring provided our members with an hour long discussion of industries that began along the banks of the Milwaukee River.  In addition, key innovations during the period were detailed.  Later this year, Tom hopes to publish his new book, “The Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee, and the engineers who created them".  For his efforts, Tom also received an ASME Milwaukee shirt.  Thanks to all for their support to make this event possible.

    (From left) Fred Young, Donald Byrnes, Eugene Pramenko and Joe Derra received awards during the "History & Heritage" event.

    Tom Fehring (left) teaches history at MSOE.

  • Technical Seminar held at WCTC on April 16, 2016

     On Saturday morning, April 16, 2016, the Milwaukee Section of ASME held its third technical seminar.  Yes, it’s hard to get up early on a weekend—but, the satisfaction of broadening our engineering background as well as earning four professional development hours was well worth the effort.  Twenty nine engineers participated in the event.  This year, Professor Subha Kumpaty from MSOE organized three new interesting topics.  The four speakers were enthusiastic and informative and the audience was involved from the beginning as evidenced from the spontaneous questions throughout.

     From left--Dr. Subha Kumpaty, Dr. Robert Rizza, Mr. Robert Nordstrom and Mr. Chad Smith.

     The first topic was “Mechanical Design Considerations for a CT Gantry”.  Mr. Chad Smith from GE Healthcare described the engineering aspects in detail.   These scanners have allowed non-invasive diagnoses to reach new heights.   We explored the challenges of designing this complex machine—from the bearings, imaging capability, electrical interference, power sources, balancing and other items the engineer must consider.

     Session #2, presented by Dr. Robert Rizza from MSOE, covered “Design of Orthotics”.  All participants gained insights into the huge improvements now available in quality of life for individuals afflicted with diagnoses such as scoliosis and club foot.  The audience also learned how CAE Software (3D DyOS), which he specifically developed for this application, is used for orthotic design and analysis.

     The third session explored the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics.  Dr. Subha Kumpaty presented the theory and coding parameters for CFD software implementation.  Mr. Robert Nordstrom followed with examples to allow the audience to understand methods of solution using ANSYS Fluent software.

    Subha Kumpaty receives an ASME Milwaukee shirt for his efforts.

    The twenty-nine participants earned 4 PDHs.

     Thank you to all of our participants for supporting our seminar--and, of course, a sincere thank you to our presenters for donating their time to make this event possible.

  • Proposed Group Leadership Team to Be Elected on May 18

    2016-2017 Group Leadership Team Nominations

     The Group Leadership Team (GLT) of the Milwaukee Section of ASME consists of ten (10) elected members:  chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, and six (6) advisors.  This year, we will be voting for all 10 positions as required by the new ASME directives.

     The Nominating Committee, consisting of Ken Derra, Joe Derra, and Bob Stachowicz, propose the following ASME members be elected to the following Milwaukee Section Group Leadership Team positions.  

     Chair: Allen Perkins - Allen currently serves as Chair.  After leaving the Navy in 1972, he joined his father’s business, Perkins Engineering Co.  He has held a PE since 1977, is still running the company, and considers himself semi-retired.

    Vice-Chair:  Scott Kramer - Scott currently serves as Secretary.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1984 from Northwestern University and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 from UWM.  Scott has been employed by Milwaukee Electric Tool, since 1993, and currently leads and manages many of the lithium ion battery projects.

    Secretary:  Liam Coen - Liam currently serves as an Advisor.  He is a Lead Engineer at GE Waukesha Gas Engines, and presently a member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) Materials and Metallurgy Committee.

    Treasurer:  Douglas KieslingDouglas currently serves as Treasurer.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  He currently works for GE Waukesha Gas Engines.  In 2009, he host-chaired the Spring Conference for the Internal Combustion Engine Division of ASME at Waukesha Engine.

    Advisor:  Bryan EskraBryan currently serves as an Advisor.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, emphasizing Energy Conversion, from UWM in 1970.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in 6 states, including Wisconsin.  Bryan is a Life Member of ASME and has been active in our local section.  He was Vice-President, Principle, of Power Engineers Collaborative, LLC.

    Advisor:  Gene JanikowskiGene currently serves as Vice-Chair and has been an ASME member since 1975 and is a Life Member.  He is a Registered PE in Wisconsin, an ISO 9000 Auditor, and a Six Sigma Blackbelt.  He is retired from C&D Technologies.

    Advisor:  Subha KumpatySubha currently serves as an Advisor and has coordinated the Section’s efforts in educational seminars.  Since 1997, he has taught at MSOE and currently is a professor of mechanical engineering and the program director of the Master of Science in Engineering program.

    Advisor:  Chris NelsonChris is seeking his first position on the GLT.  He has been an active member of our section.  He works at GE Waukesha Gas Engines.

    Advisor:  Carissa PetzingerCarissa currently serves as an Advisor.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering in 2013 from Marquette University.  Carissa was very active in Marquette’s ASME section and was Vice-Chair of District Events for the Student District Operating Board (SDOB) for District C from 2010 to 2013.  Currently, she is on the College Relations Committee for our section and works at Generac.

    Advisor:  Buck TannerBuck currently serves as an Advisor and has been an active member for the last few years and most recently he has been involved with the meeting arrangements committee.

  • History and Heritage Event - May 18, 2016

    This month, the ASME Milwaukee Section is inviting you to join us at the Grohmann Museum at MSOE for a presentation by Tom Fehring, the chairman of ASME’s history and heritage committee.  Tom will discuss Milwaukee’s industrial heritage.  Tom has been researching the mechanical engineering accomplishments of Milwaukee-area companies since 1980 and has recently begun writing a book on the subject.

    Before the presentation, there will be a brief meeting including elections of officers for our Group Leadership Team (GLT) as well as Honors and awards.  This will all follow a Dinner Buffet  that will include roast beef and orange roughy.

    For more information and a complete list of the individuals being elected to the GLT, AND also to register for this event please click on the following link:


  • Tour of Signicast Corporation--Hartford, WI

         On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, our annual combined ASME/SAE tour was held at Signicast Corporation in Hartford.  This year, the tour was organized and planned by SAE.  Just over eighty members toured the highly automated, state of the art facility that produces quality investment castings.

              As our group toured the plant, the guide described in detail the steps involved to produce investment castings:

    1. Creation of prototype parts—3D additive manufacturing is used to create the initial wax patterns.  Sample parts are then poured and inspection by CMM is used to verify the customer’s dimensions.
    2. Manufacture of production tooling— Several large six axis CNC machines provide in-house capability to produce the large tools for injection molding of the wax patterns.  Programming is performed in a separate area.  Tool room machinists then assemble the components.  No blueprints are used on the shop floor--computer workstations provide access to all drawings.  With the abundance of software, computers and robots, software licensing becomes a major expense.
    3. Injection molding of wax patterns--The patterns are molded similar to the injection molding of plastic parts.  Parts are then automatically unloaded and placed on conveyor systems.
    4. Assembly of patterns to sprues forming clusters—  Multiple wax patterns are assembled into one complex pattern and attached to a wax sprue with the result known as a pattern cluster, or tree.
    5. Dipping of assembly into slurry by robots— The first step (priming) is to dip the pattern clusters into a solution of fine refractory material with excess material allowed to drain off.  The next dip involves a (stucco) coarse ceramic particle slurry.  Other dipping operations may be used, and, robots perform the planned sequences.  The slurries consist of common refractory materials such as silica, zircon, aluminum silicates and alumina.  We were allowed to feel these slurries—this was a hands on/in tour.
    6. Drying/Dewax-- The coating is now allowed to thoroughly dry which can take 16-48 hours.  The molds are then turned upside down and placed in a furnace to melt and vaporize the wax patterns.  It should be noted that the mold must be strong enough to withstand the pouring and dewaxing heat and pressures, but not so strong that it is difficult to remove the ceramic mold after pouring.
    7. Burnout and preheating.  The mold is then subject to a burnout which heats the mold and removes moisture and residual wax.  The mold is then preheated to allow the metal to stay liquid longer to fill in any details.
    8. Pouring operation--  Liquid metal is then poured into the mold, either by robot or by hand.
    9. Divesting--  The shell is then removed by pressure and media blasting.  Rough and final finishing removes the sprues and cleans up the casting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   As we toured the factory, the level of automation was impressive.  ASME Magazine recently reported that by 2025, over 45% of factory jobs will be automated.  With Signicast’s high level of automation, driverless vehicles and automated material handling resulted in a minimum of workers visible throughout our tour.                                                                                                                                                         With over eight hundred workers, forty some engineers and five foundries, all working together, Signicast is a leader in the manufacture of investment castings.  We thank the management and tour guides for their time and expertise to present a quality tour.
  • Continuing Education and Technical Seminar - April 16th, 2016

    All members are welcome to the upcoming seminar for continuing education and professional development at the RTA Education Center, Waukesha County Technical College.  There is a provision to earn credits for those who will need professional development hours for their Professional Engineer license renewal.  Please feel free to invite others, such as SAE members, who might also take advantage of the PDHs that can be earned at a very minimal expense.  We have excellent speakers lined up to address interesting topics.  The seminar will be held on Saturday, April 16, 2016 with registration starting at 7:30 AM and the sessions ending with lunch at 1:00 PM.  Please register by April 8 here.
    Session 1: Mechanical Design Considerations for a CT Gantry, by Mr. Chad Smith, Mechanical Principle Engineer, CT Engineering, GE Healthcare
    Session 2: Design of Orthotics for Manufacturing with Additive Technologies, by Dr. Robert Rizza, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MSOE
    Session 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics: Theory and Applications (Part 1) by Dr. Subha Kumpaty, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MSOE, and Mr. Robert Nordstrom, Engineering Manager at Wells Vehicle Electronics.
    Session 4: Computational Fluid Dynamics: Theory and Applications (Part 2) by Dr. Subha Kumpaty and Mr. Robert Nordstrom

    Full Seminar (Includes PDHs):  $75
    Full Seminar (No PDHs):  $35
    Individual Session(s) (Up to 2) (Includes PDHs):  $25 each
  • ASME Milwaukee Student’s Night

    On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, twenty-nine members/students from the ASME Milwaukee Section gathered at the Todd Wehr Conference Center on the MSOE campus.  Participating universities at “Students Night” included UW-Madison, Marquette and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  Members were updated on recent activities and competitions the schools are currently engaged in.  The Hyper-Loop competition was particularly interesting--UW-Madison placed 3rd out of 88 schools competing nationally.  They are currently building a prototype “Pod” for high speed transportation.  An Interesting topic from Marquette included a man-made cellular type membrane which would eliminate the need for testing on lab rats.  MSOE is currently working on a competition machine to compact and propel a sheet of paper.  Each of the three teams gave a brisk and professional presentation keeping audience members interested and involved.  Discussion followed with students also responding to questions regarding recruitment of new ASME student chapter members.  To further support these student chapters, a funding proposal for next year by the Milwaukee Section was discussed.  All present were treated to a sandwich buffet.  Thanks to all who attended and provided support to our students.

  • ASME Milwaukee Meeting (Jan. 20, 2016)

            Research on the laser deposition of titanium and molybdenum powders was presented at the January ASME Milwaukee meeting.   The meeting featured MSOE students Robert Mueller and Christopher Reynolds, both seniors.  The students did an excellent job of presenting not only technical data, but also a glimpse of their experience of life in South Africa during their six weeks last summer.  The presentation was filled with photos/charts/tables to illustrate their systematic approach to support their premise--that the hardness of the substrate was increased by the addition of molybdenum to the titanium alloy.  Location of the meeting was Alioto’s Restaurant in Wauwatosa.

            Special thanks to the students and to Dr. Kumpaty for arranging this presentation.  Dr. Kumpaty has engaged undergraduates for many years in National Science Foundation supported research.


    Professor Subha Kumpaty (center) and MSOE students Robert Mueller (left) and Christopher Reynolds (right).

  • ASME Milwaukee Section Annual Student Night (February 10, 2016)

    This month, the ASME Milwaukee Section will have our annual Student Night event at the Todd Wehr Conference Center at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee.  We have invited our local student chapters (in District C) to give presentations on their respective ASME activities. The night will give an opportunity to socialize with students, have dinner with them, and hear presentations from several schools, including:

    -Marquette University


    -University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

    -Michigan Tech

    -The University of Wisconsin – Madison


    WHEN: February 10, 2016

    WHAT: Annual ASME Student Night

    WHERE: Todd Wehr Conference Center at MSOE

    TIME: Arrival 5:45 – 6:15, Dinner 6:15, Presentations 7

    MENU: Deli Buffet

     REGISTRATION: February 4, 2015 Deadline!!! Click on the following link to


  • Presentation - Laser Metal Deposition

    This month, the ASME Milwaukee Section will have dinner at Alioto’s in Wauwatosa along with a presentation on laser metal deposition and material characterization.  The presentation will be given by Robert Mueller and Christopher Reynolds.  Both are MSOE senior students who conducted research in South Africa this past summer along with Dr. Subha Kumpaty of MSOE, who received a research grant from the National Science Foundation.

    The presentation will discuss their research, experiences and results.

     DATE:  January 20, 2016

     LOCATION:  Alioto’s in Wauwatosa

     TIME: 5:30pm Gather

          6:00pm Dinner

          7:00pm Presentation

     MENU:  Choice of Cod, Chicken or Steak Entrée.

     PRICE: Members $20

          Non-Members $25

          Students & Spouses $10

     HURRY!!!  Register online by January 14, 2016 by clicking the link below.

  • Spouse's Night - December 9th, 2015

    Every year the ASME Milwaukee Section organizes a special holiday “Spouse’s Night”, and this year was no exception.  Combining tradition and change of venue, the entertainment portion was held at the always popular Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove.  Thirty-four of our members and guests enjoyed a polished performance of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”.

    Prior to the play, a holiday meal was served at the Outback Steakhouse.  Everyone seemed pleased with the food, efficient service, and the ten $10 gift cards, provided by the restaurant and handed out among members.

    A special treat was a visit by Mrs. Santa Claus in the persona of Jane Vincent.  Jane brought a treasure chest of her hand-crafted jewelry from which everyone was encouraged to pick a special item.  The variety of colors, shapes, jewel-tones and sparkle added a perfect accent to an enjoyable event.

  • ASME Milwaukee holds Technical Seminar at Brookfield Suites

              Thanks to all who attended our Continuing Educational Seminar on Saturday, November 7th, 2015.  We started signup/registration at 7:30 am and completed the courses at 1:00 pm.  The first topic-- "Systematic Innovation"-- (1 hour) was presented by Dr. Sandra Anderson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Dr. Anderson described the product development process and how to innovate new designs for both products and business processes.  The information was invaluable and included techniques such as trimming.  Rules of trimming state that the function does not need to exist, e.g., the tube in a roll of toilet paper.  Many, Many tools to assist in design were presented.  I thought an interesting quote was, "You know you've achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away."  Great designs are simple and elegant.  Thank you Dr. Anderson for providing information that will make us better engineers.

    31 participants earned 4 PDH's at our Nov. 7th seminar

              Dr. Subha Kumpaty, from the Milwaukee School of Engineering, presented "Engineering Ethics" during the second hour.  We first looked at the different codes of ethics and a description of what our responsibilities are as engineers.  We learned that we need to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public.  Additionally, we must only provide services in the area of our expertise.  During the second hour we separated into groups, each of us discussing a particular case study.  In our group we discussed the appropriate answers to questions such as--who was responsible for the damages caused by Hurricane Katrina?  Could it have been prevented if standards had been adhered to?  Were the engineers at fault?  What went wrong?  Tough questions--dificult answers.  Dr. Kumpaty is past chair and a valuable contributor to the activities of the ASME Milwaukee Section.  He has organized our first two seminars and is planning our third to be held in April of next year.

                    Dr. Mathew Thomas, our third presenter,  provided an in depth discussion of hydraulic system and component field failures.  Case studies and the problem solving of actual hydraulic systems were presented.  We learned how to search for  the root cause and how to verify the solution.  Participants also learned how to analyze experimental data.   In one study, modified systems were tested and retested  420 times to validate the results.  Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for taking the time to share your expertise with our group.


    Comment:  A previous board member, Ed Ellingson, came up with the initial idea for sponsoring a seminar such as this to include multiple engineering topics.  Typically, our monthly meetings, from September thru May, include a tour/and/or  a presentation on a single topic.  Speakers for this special seminar  could be chosen from our membership base and include a topic of their specialization.  Time frame of the talk could vary.  You can scroll down under the activity feed of our Milwaukee web page and view his original blog.  Our next seminar is scheduled for April 9 at WCTC (Waukesha).  Earlier this year we held our first continuing education seminar at WCTC. 



  • New Book on Milwaukee’s Industrial Heritage

    One of our members, Tom Fehring, is working on a book about Milwaukee’s industrial heritage. The book, which has a working title of, ‘The Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee (and the engineers who made them)’ chronicles the numerous innovations of the greater Milwaukee-area from the mid-1800s until the end of the Second World War.


    Tom is ASME-Milwaukee’s history and heritage chair. Years ago he created an inventory of the significant mechanical engineering innovations of the area. This inventory has grown to well over one hundred items – several of which were eventually named historic mechanical engineering landmarks by ASME. These innovations will be featured in the book. Additionally, the book will provide short histories of the companies that were founded because of these innovations, and biographies for many of the engineers that were responsible for the innovation.  Some of the stories are quite engaging.

    Finally, Tom hopes to provide some insights from these achievements that might provide clues to how the Milwaukee area might rekindle the innovative spirit which made the City the “Machine Shop of the World.” 

    While a publication date has not been set, Tom hopes the book to be available mid-2016.  

  • SAE Milwaukee Student Night

    SAE invites our Milwaukee ASME members to attend their next event to be held on November 3, 2015, at Marquette University.  Student project vehicles will be on display and professional members will have an opportunity to judge presentations given by the students.  For more information and to register, visit the SAE Milwaukee page at left.

  • ASME Milwaukee Section e-Newsletter (Fall 2015)

    Click on the following link for our latest newsletter:

  • Membership Meeting and Events Schedule (2015-2016)

    September 9 - Generac Tour

    October 7 - Trek Tour

    November 7 - (Saturday) Continuing Education Seminar (Brookfield Suites)  For more information, see page at left.

    December 8/9/10 - to be announced - Spouses Night

    January 20 - SPX Transformer Solutions Tour (Waukesha, WI)

    February 10 - Student Night at MSOE

    March 10/17 - Joint Meeting with SAE at CAT (Autonomous Mining)

    April 9 - (Saturday) Continuing Education Seminar (WCTC)

    May 11 - History and Heritage Presentation (MSOE's Grohmann Museum)

    Board (Leadership) Meetings:  Aug. 26, Sept. 30, Oct. 28, Nov. 18, Dec.16, Jan. 27, Feb. 24, Mar. 30, Apr. 27, May 25

    All board meetings are held at Power Engineers Collaborative, 150 North Sunny Slope Rd., Suite 110, Brookfield, WI  53005 (Park in back).

    Note: The October 28th board meeting will be held at Perkins Engineering Co. in Sussex.  Time 6:30 - W227 N6234 Sussex Rd., Sussex, WI 53089

  • ASME Milwaukee Tours Trek

    The Trek bicycle manufacturing facility was  recently toured by 36 members of the Milwaukee Section of ASME.  The following tour summary and photos were contributed by the student section.  We appreciate their involvement and look forward to their participation at future events.  Please follow the link at the left to keep up to date on all of their activities.

    This past Wednesday (07-Oct-2015) the UW-Madison ASME Student Section was lucky enough to send four students to attend the October Regional Meeting. This meeting took place in Waterloo, WI at the Trek Bicycles Headquarters, where Trek designs and produces its high-end carbon fiber bicycles. The badgers had an even better showing in that the tour was done by recent UW graduate Patrick Mabry, currently working at Trek as a Manufacturing Engineer.

    Figure 1: (Left) UW-Madison Students Johnny Yan, Jake Esser, Erin Jamar and Chase Wember (shown left to right), (Right) Jake Esser and Johnny Yan in the Trek Testing Lab.

    The tour was especially interesting, as it encompassed the entire process of bicycle production at Trek, starting in the prototyping lab, moving to the testing lab, where they can cycle test all sorts of component. From there, the tour moved on to molding of the carbon fiber frames, onto post production processing and finishing. We got to see examples of their custom bicycle paint jobs, as one frame was painted hot pink, and two more in highlighter yellow. The tour was especially interesting for mechanical engineers who are usually used to thinking about the field as being cast and machined metals or injection molded plastics. The carbon fiber process pushes the envelope of materials and engineering, minimizing weight for better gains in the performance of the bicycles. This material comes with its own set of challenges though, as Patrick was willing to discuss on the tour. It was an especially interesting tour, as many of us have not had any experience or exposure to this type of materials or manufacturing.

    As a student section, we look forward to these types of opportunities to see the many sides of industry, and look forward to the next tour.


    Trek Display Area

    (Left to Right) Jake Esser and Johnny Yan in the Trek Testing Lab.

  • Milwaukee Section Sets Schedule and Topics for 2014-2015 Season

    We have a schedule for a the new season. Hopefully you will find at least one topic of interest in the list and will join us for the evening!

    It is still tentative and not all locatioins have been established so please return to check the meeting announcements. As always, the announcement will be distributed by email and tweeted. You'll be able to make your reservation online.

    September 10
    Waukesha Engine with presentation by GE Locomotive, Waukesha
    October 8
    TORMACH, Waunakee
    TORMACH offers small and bench top CNC milling machines
    November 19
    Experimental Stress Analysis
    Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee
    Eligible for Professional Development Hours

    December 10
    Spouses' Night
    Tour of S. C. Johnson buildings designed by F. L. Wright, Racine
    Reconstruction of the Zoo Interchange
    February 11
    Student Night
    Marquette University, Milwaukee
    March 11
    Case / New Holland, Racine
    April 8
    Global Water Center and the School of Fresh Water Sciences, Milwaukee
    May 13
    Eligible for Professional Development Hours

    If your have any questions, shoot us an email or message us on Twitter.

  • Officer & Director Nominations for the 2014 - 2015 Term

    The Executive Committee of the Milwaukee Section of ASME consists of ten elected members, the executive positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and six Director positions. Executive positions are one year terms so all are open. Directors serve three year terms as so typically two are elected annually. However we have a vacancy for the Director term ending in 2015 which adds third elective office for consideration. Officers take their positions on August 1st.

    Elections will be held at the April meeting.

    The Nominating Committee, consisting of Ken Derra, Joe Derra, and Mohammad Mahinfalah, presents these candidates for the open positions. One of the open positions, Director 2017, has no proposed candidate.

    Subha Kumpaty for Chair

    Subha currently serves as Chair. Since 1997, he has taught at MSOE and currently is a professor of mechanical engineering and the program director of the Master of Science in Engineering program.

    Gene Janikowski for Vice-Chair

    Gene has been an ASME member since 1975 and is now a Life Member. He currently serves as Vice-Chair. He is a Registered PE in Wisconsin, an ISO 9000 Auditor, and a Six Sigma Blackbelt. He is employed as a Senior Engineer with C&D Technologies.

    Scott Kramer for Secretary

    Scott is seeking the Secretary Position. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1984 from Northwestern University and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 from UWM. Scott has been employed by Milwaukee Electric Tool, since 1993, and currently leads and manages many of the lithium ion battery projects.

    Jason Pechloff for Treasurer

    Jason currently serves as Treasurer. He has been working at Phoenix Products for nearly ten years as a Product Development Engineer and has actively participated in ASME since 2004.

    Ed Ellingson for Director 2017  

    Douglas Kiesling for Director 2015,   

    Doug is returning to the US from a European assignment and is looking to return to the board. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University. He currently works for GE Waukesha Gas Engines. In 2009, he host-chaired the Spring Conference for the Internal Combustion Engine Division of ASME at Waukesha Engine.

    We are pleased that he has accepted the responsibility of this vacant position mid-term.

    Continuing in their three-year terms are:

    Nick Zepnick, Director 2015
    Liam Coen, Director 2016
    Allen Perkins, Director 2016

  • April Meeting - Engineering Ethics

    This month, the ASME Milwaukee Section is going to the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) for a presentation on Engineering Ethics by Dr. Jon Borowicz, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

    Sociologist Eliot Freidson and philosopher Michael Bayles characterize engineering as a “scholarly” profession as opposed to a “consulting” profession.  Scholarly professions are employed and characteristically affect many clients simultaneously, if the concept of client has application to their practice at all.  Historian Edwin Layton refers to the “engineer’s dilemma” as the “conflict between professional autonomy and bureaucratic loyalty” that is structural to the practice of the great majority of engineers.  The work of scholarly professions is strongly influenced by organizational dynamics.

    We will consider two, or perhaps three, cases which display this effect.  Beginning with the classic case of the space shuttle Challenger, we will consider the controversial supposed shift in the burden of proof with respect to the acceptable temperature for the performance of the solid rocket booster O-rings.  In the Challenger case, the effect was a collective failure to notice the shift in burden of proof.  In two other cases, we will consider the stakes for the integrity of individual engineers for dissenting to a decision which does raise an ethical issue which they recognize.  What happened in the Challenger case will be argued to be the incentive for engaging in activities which cultivate what we might call “moral taste” which enables us to make judgments—to see the ethical matter—when the stakes are high.  Activities designed to cultivate this capacity constituting what might be called the “active” dimension of professional ethics are being incorporated in the ethics course at MSOE.  They will be briefly described.

    Jon Borowicz has been on the MSOE faculty since 1989.  For eight years prior to that he was a systems analyst with Catalyst USA.  Borowicz received the MA and PhD in philosophy from the Johns Hopkins University, and the BA with a major in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He specializes in professional ethics and the emerging field of philosophical practice, which extends the tradition of philosophy in dialogue and as the cultivation of presence of mind and judgment.  His scholarship makes contributions to both areas.  His presentation/workshop will be concerned with their intersection.

    When registering, you may choose to receive a certificate documenting two Professional Development Hours for attending this presentation, with an additional fee of $5.00.  To receive it, you must register by the April 1, 2014 registration deadline!

    Meeting details:

    • Date:  April 9, 2014
    • Topic:  Engineering Ethics
    • Where:  Grohmann Museum Auditorium at MSOE
    • Time:
      • 5:00 PM Gathering at Grohmann Museum Auditorium at MSOE
      • 5:30 PM Presentation by Dr. Jon Borowicz
      • 6:30 PM Dinner 
      • 7:30 PM Round table discussions and Summative Comments
    • Cost: 
      • Members  $25
      • Non-Members  $30
      • Students & Spouses $15
      • Certificate for 2 PDH's  $5 
    • MENU:  Buffet with
      • Roast Beef with a Cheron Sauce
      • Parmesan Crusted Orange Roughy
      • Parmesan Crusted Red Potatoes
      • Wild Rice
      • Asparagus Spears with Julienne Red Peppers
      • Fresh Summer Blend
      • Tossed Garden Salad
      • Homemade Tortellini Pasta Salad
      • Fresh Fruit Tray
      • Brownies & Assorted Cookies
      • Lemonade, Water and Coffee

    Please register here by the April 1, 2014 Deadline!

  • ASME March Meeting

    March 11 update:  Registration is now closed due to overwhelming interest is this program. We hope to see you in April!


    ASME Milwaukee invites you on our tour of Mercury Marine

    This year, 2014, is the 75th Anniversary of Mercury Marine! Since the company was founded in 1939, Mercury has consistently emphasized quality, performance, innovation and reliability. Today, that pledge remains as strong as ever. Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation of Lake Forest, Illinois, began as the Kiekhaefer Corporation of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, when Carl Kiekhaefer and a small but dedicated staff of employees sought to design and produce the best possible boat engine. For more than 70 years, Mercury Marine has been the most recognized name in the marine industry, and the memory of its founder lives on in the hearts and minds of engineers and boat enthusiasts alike. For more information visit:


    The evening will begin with a tour of Mercury Marine’s impressive Product Development & Engineering department highlighting their various test labs, indoor test facility, dyno cells, and our recent expansion project. After dinner, David Foulkes, the Vice President of Product Development, Engineering, and Racing, will present to the group. He will cover a company overview, related topics such as new product innovations and successes, and Mercury’s rigorous test and development as it relates to the facilities seen in the tour.

    Thursday March 27, 2014
    Mercury Marine
    W6250 Pioneer Road
    Fond du Lac, WI 54936
    Registration: 5:00-5:30 PM
    Tours: 5:30-6:30 PM
    Dinner/Presentations: 6:30-8:00 PM
    Buffet including baked chicken, lasagna, salad, mashed potatoes and dessert.
    Members/Spouses: $20
    Students: $10
    Guests: $25
    (Make checks payable to “SAE Milwaukee Section”)
    From MILWAUKEE: Take 41 North to Fond du Lac, Exit right on South Military Road, Turn right onto West Pioneer Road, Turn right at Plant 10 entrance (first entrance) and stop at guard house.

    From OSHKOSH: Take 41 South to Fond du Lac, Exit left on South Military Road, Turn right onto West Pioneer Road, Turn right at Plant 10 entrance (first entrance) and stop at guard house.


    Because this is a joint meeting with SAE and there is a limit of 90 registrants, all registration and payment will be going through one source. We ask that you do the following in order to register:

    Register through James Ryan
    PHONE: 262-424-4958 (Leave a message)
    If you do not get a response…you are registered. If you do get a response it is because you have missing information.
    Include the following information for EACH person being registered:
    Indicate affiliation with ASME.
    Indicate everyone’s status: ASME Member, Spouse, Student or Guest.
    Indicate what company everyone is employed with (if applicable).
    Indicate phone number to be reached at.

    Prior to the tour, be sure to register in the line for ASME members.

  • ASME Milwaukee February Meeting

    This month, the ASME Milwaukee Section will have our annual Student Night event at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. We have invited our local student chapters (in District C) to give presentations on their respective ASME activities. The night will give an opportunity to socialize with students, have dinner with them, and hear presentations from several schools.  Schools include UW Madison, UW Milwaukee, Marquette, MSOE and Michigan Tech.


    5:00 PM Gathering at UW Madison Engineering Centers Building Room 1025
    5:30 PM Student/School Presentations
    7:00 PM Dinner at Essen Haus

    Go to to get more information about this event, register, see the menu, get directions and learn about carpooling opportunities to get to Madison from Waukesha.

    Online Registration will close after 2/7/14.

    Thank You!

    Tom Latham
    ASME Milwaukee Section

  • Plans for January Tour of Quad Graphics

    You are invited to join us on a tour of the Quad Graphics - Sussex plant. We will begin with a tour that will include a general overview of production operations, from the Pressroom to Finishing, or Bindery, and through to Warehousing and Distribution.  Along the way, our tour guides will point out key technologies that QuadTech has come up with to enhance the production machinery and production information tracking.  The evening will continue with a presentation and dinner on site.

    Registration closes on January 1st. Place your reservation at

    5:00 Gather at Quad Graphics - Sussex
    5:30 Tour
    7:00 Presentation
    7:30 Dinner at Quad Graphics

    Thank You,

    Tom Latham

  • Fall Newsletter Published

    Milwaukee Section fall newsletter is out. Topics include:

    • Part of Rock River Section Slated to Join Milwaukee Section
    • A bio of William Harley and Arthur Davidson
    • Student Section updates
    • Meeting summaries

    Read it at