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A century old, the Milwaukee Section has grown to encompass the southern and eastern reaches of Wisconsin. On offer are open discussions, lively activities, and support for industry and academia...
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About the Section

The Milwaukee Section of the ASME gathers together Mechanical Engineers who wish to discuss among themselves their art and issues of interest both within and without the profession.

From September through May of each year, the Section holds monthly dinner meetings with a speaker addressing a topic both timely and technical. Occasionally, special events are held such as family outings and cultural activities. The Section lends its support to mentoring and sponsorship of scholastic programs.

The Section Board, consisting of elected members, the executive officers, and the committee chairs, also holds monthly meetings. These meetings serve to coordinate activities and to establish the policies and goals of the Section.

The Milwaukee Section is part of District C. It includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Manitoba, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The Section is always seeking members that wish to be active in its activities. Please contact us at

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