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Noise Control & Acoustics Division

The Noise Control and Acoustics Division (NCAD) objectives are to establish a program within ASME that will encourage, focus and further the development and application of noise control and acoustics...
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Honors & Awards

Society Level Awards

Division Level Awards  

          2014 Winner:  Xiujuan Zhang
          Paper Title: “Semi-Dirac points in phononic crystals (IMECE2014-37421)"  

2013 Winner:  Brian Bernard
Paper Title: “Energy Absorption in a 1D Array of Axially Aligned Pendulums with Linear Torsional Coupling.” 

2012 Winner: Adrian Harwood
Paper Title: “Numerical Evaluation of the Compact Green’s Function for the Solution of Acoustic Flows.”

Important Award Information For Award Recipients

Honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of a W-9 Tax Form for US and the Tax Form W-8 for Foreign recipients. Please complete the form and return it by e-mail.

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