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Noise Control & Acoustics Division

The Noise Control and Acoustics Division (NCAD) objectives are to establish a program within ASME that will encourage, focus and further the development and application of noise control and acoustics...
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To see the leadership of the Noise Control & Acoustics Division please visit the Executive Committee.

The Subgroup Pages"Noise Control & Acoustics Division Executive Committee" and "Noise Control & Acoustics Division Technical Committee" (see bottom left of this page) are Private based on ASME requirements.  As such here is a list of the Committee Members as well as their contact information.


Group Leadership Team

Chair, Sue Sung.

Vice-Chair, Charlie Zheng.

Treasurer/Secretary, Ab Kirwan.

Technical Affairs, Weidong Zhu.

Member, Mostafa Nouh.

Group Page Administrator, Brent Paul.


Technical Committees

Structural Acoustics and Noise Control, Yongfeng Xu,

Aero/Hydroacoustics, Bob Tomko.

Phononic Crystals and Metamaterials, Mahmoud Hussein.