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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee selects nominees for election by the ASME membership to serve as President and Board of Governors Members-at-Large for ASME.

What is the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee – An Assignment of High Trust

The Nominating Committee selects a slate of qualified and competent nominees for election by the ASME membership to serve as President and Board of Governors Members-at-Large for ASME.

Nominees are selected in three ways: by the recommendation of a Society Unit (division, district, sector, section), by an individual member or as a result of the Nominating Committee’s deliberations.

The Nominating Committee is made up of volunteer members drawn from the Sectors and through the sectors from the districts, groups, boards, and committees. The Committee is led by a Chair and Vice Chair and has a total of 10 Voting and 5 Alternate members. Each Nominating Committee member must be a Member or Fellow grade and not currently serving in any elective office of the Society.

The Voting members of the Nominating Committee shall be elected for two years and the Alternates for one year. Alternates shall commit to participate on the Nominating Committee for a three-year cycle.  Once the alternate’s term is completed, the alternate will automatically move into the position of voting member. 

Each year the Nominating Committee is assisted by a non voting group of Advisors, consisting of three consenting and available past Presidents who have been out of office for one year or more and two consultants, the immediate Past Chair and Past Vice Chair of the Nominating Committee. These Advisors and Consultants attend all meetings and participate fully in all discussions, although they will maintain impartiality and do not state their opinions regarding any particular proposed nominee.

The Nominating Committee strives to be diverse, equitable and inclusive. While it is emphasized that the Nominating Committee acts for the good of the Society as a whole, members are appointed by Senior Vice Presidents and are expected to bring domain knowledge about their Sector’s challenges and opportunities and its alignment with Society goals. Participation in the Nominating Committee plays an essential role in establishing the leadership of the Society.  

As the executive search and recruitment function for ASME’s volunteer organization, it is essential to involve individuals with senior level experience. The volunteers appointed to the Nominating Committee shall have served in senior roles in moderately large or complex organizations with experience in hiring managers and executives (not just contributors).

Both Voting and Alternate Members are encouraged to attend all meetings. All meetings are currently being held virtually via Zoom..

Past and present Nominating Committee members have valued the opportunity to meet members from other ASME divisions and sectors. They enjoyed hearing the ideas and values from the up-and-coming members of our Society. Participation on the Nominating Committee has been a valuable experience for many members and has helped them better understand the structure and operations of ASME.

As a result of their positive experiences while serving, some Nominating Committee members have run for office after their commitment has been completed and moved forward as Society Officers.  Nominating Committee members have also been recipients of various ASME honors and awards. Nominating Committee members are very dedicated to their responsibilities and feel being a member of the Nominating Committee has been one of the better experiences in their ASME volunteerism.

For more information please contact RuthAnn Bigley, ASME Nominating Committee Staff - Manager, Governance Programs.