Official ASME Group

North Alabama Section

ASME - North Alabama Section is the aggregation of ASME members, who live, work or otherwise have professional connections to the North Alabama/Tennessee Valley region of Alabama.

2017-2018 Section Officers

Dr. Jim Parsons - 256-964-4931

Vice Chair and Program Chair
Drew Wallburg - 256-503-8960

Peter Llewellyn - (256) 705-2596 Cell: (256) 326-4298

Greg Duke - 256.503.7778

UA Huntsville ASME Student Section
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Christina Carmen - 256-824-6870

Public Information Officer
To Be Determined

Liaison to The Association (Formerly HATS)
Dr. Jim Parsons - 256-313-6715 

Director and Past Chair
David J. Vermilion - 256-544-8463

Director and Past Chair
Lisa McCollum- 256-544-5052

Rob Getman - 256-535-1203

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