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Northwest Region - Communication

5 May 2021

This is a reminder to find the volunteer portal to make your requests for Section Support::


This one is for section funding:

3 February 2021

Here is a link to some new content on the Oregon Section YouTube channel:

It is a video on tips to research your section history and founding.

I happen to pick the Hudson-Mohawk Section as an example in my research and found out a lot of interesting facts about their first Chair, H.G. Reist in 1919.

1 January 2021

Happy New Year to all ASME volunteer leaders.

Here is a link to a YouTube video I made on different volunteer awards you should be considering for the special volunteers you know. One of the responsibilities of the Section leaders is to recognize the unique individuals you serve with. This video covers the Distinguished Service Award and ASME Fellow.

20 September 2020

Here is a page of steps to search for Community pages, links to the Regions pages and our Northwest-Communications page. You can use these steps to search for other Community Pages.

You can join other professional sections community pages and follow the events they are holding too.

Have Fun.

-Colleen Kennedy, Oregon Section

Download pdf file

9 August 2020

Here is a quick start guide for folks who want to try hosting Zoom Meetings for the first time.

Please, consider this 'informational' only. There are many other folks with advanced skills in Zoom. They are welcome add some details here too.

Regards, Colleen Kennedy; Oregon Section

I have edited this file to add the billing address you will need for ASME in New Jersey.

Download pdf file

9 JUL 2020

Here is a PDF on the basics of starting your own YouTube Channel.

It should be enough to get you started. There are lots of fun things to do to customize your channel page and many ways to make videos that I will get into later.

Let me know if you make your own channel so the other Section leaders can visit it and we can collaborate on ideas.

-Colleen Kennedy

Download pdf file

6 JULY 2020

Hello. I’m Colleen Kennedy, a volunteer with the Oregon Section.

I’ll be helping support the communication functions of the Sections in the Northwest Region of ASME.

Some of the tasks I’ll help with are: communications on the Community Pages, use of the GMEC email tool and contact with your Section Members.

Other items that might interest you are creating your own YouTube Channel, holing online Zoom meetings and developing Section newsletters.

Is there anything I am missing? [This is a start, and we need to learn from you other ways you have been communicating too].

Feel free to contact me so we can start the conversation together.


Colleen K.

Oregon Section