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Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering Division

The Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering (OOAE) Division supports engineers, researchers, technical specialists, and students in progressing technological advancement in the fields of ocean,...
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Bylaws and Operating Guide of OOAE

The Bylaws of the OOAE Division have gone through extensive revisions after the merger of the OMAE Division with the OE Division in 1999. The Bylaws were revised in October of 2001 and again in June of 2006. They have been approved by the ASME. In order to be consistent with ASME policy, the By-Laws are now to be referenced as the “Legacy OOAE By-Laws”.

The downloadable file includes:

  • Legacy OOAE Bylaws

  • Operating and Technical Program Guidelines

A condensed version of these have been included in the OOAE Division Handbook.