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The Old Guard, through annual financial contributions and volunteer time and efforts, conducts numerous programs to help engineering students and early career engineers bridge the gap between college and professional life. With volunteer support, The Old Guard is able to contribute over $86,000 annually to achieving this mission.

The success of future and young engineers is supported by your contribution.
Become a member of The Old Guard today! Join over 2,000 ASME members in helping to support the professional development of students and early career engineers. Please remember that your contribution is tax deductible.

Check Contributions:

Please make checks payable to: ASME - The Old Guard. Please send checks to:

The Old Guard
Attn: Gretchen Crutchfield
1828 L St. N.W.
Suite 510, Washington, DC 20036-5104

Or by Bank Card, Call Ms. Crutchfield at (202) 785-7499

*Contributions of $1,000 or more may be made in cash, traded securities or bonds, or by other means.

Should you have any questions about making a donation to The Old Guard, please email them to