OMAE Outreach for Engineers

A specialty forum at the 2018 OMAE Conference in Madrid, Spain. The forum is designed for students and early professionals who may not be familiar with the industry as well as those who have already...
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Sleeping Arrangements

In an attempt to help you all share information, this is a place you can comment below if you are looking to share a hotel room with someone within the Outreach program. Please note ASME and OMAE will not be making any of these arrangements, this is purely to give you all a platform with which to reach other individuals who are looking to share a room. It is up to you to contact someone an make the necessary arrangements.

OMAE 2018 Official Conference Hotel

Marriott Madrid Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center
Avenida de Aragon No 400
Madrid, 28022 Spain
Phone: +34-91-400-4400
Fax: +34-91-400-4409

Please email Danielle at to be added to the list.

Jian Gu