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Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering Division - Executive

The Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OOAE) Division is focused on helping technological advancements the fields of ocean, offshore and arctic engineering.

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pdf OMAE2020 Virtual Final Report OMAE 2020 Virtual Final Report.pdf Public Download
doc EEC Division Meeting Minutes-OOAE-EEC_DivisionMtg_Saturday_091220_v0.docx Public Download
doc EEC Review and Planning Minutes-OOAE-OMAEReviewPlanning_Friday_091120_v0.docx Public Download
doc Minutes-OOAE-EC_DivisionMtg_Agenda_v0 Minutes-OOAE-EC_DivisionMtg_Agenda_v0.docx Public Download
doc Agenda-OOAE-EEC_DivisionMTG_Saturday_091220_v0 Agenda-OOAE-EEC_DivisionMtg_Saturday_091220_v0.docx Public Download
doc Agenda-OOAE-EEC_Mar2021_v0 Agenda-OOAE-EEC_Mar2021_v0.docx Public Download
ppt SC Meeting_Presentation SC Meeting_Presentation.pptx Public Download
xls OMAE21_List_of_Symposium_Topics_and_Intersections OMAE21_List of Symposium Topics and Intersections.xlsx Public Download
xls OMAE21_DGM_Papers_Intersect_Schedule_rev2 OMAE21_DGM_PAPERS_ Intersect & Sched_rev2.xlsx Public Download
doc 2021-February SC Meeting Minutes Minutes-OOAE-SC-Meeting-Thu-021121_v0.docx Public Download
pdf Expenditure Funding Source- April Expenditure_Funding Sounce April 06 2020.pdf Public Download
pdf May 2020 Meeting Minutes 030820 OOAE EC Meeting Minutes_v1.pdf Public Download
pdf UBC Bid Letter University of British Columbia Bid.pdf Public Download
doc Draft Agenda OOAE SYMP Agenda-OOAE SYMP_Mar2020_v0.docx Public Download
doc Draft Agenda OOAE EC Agenda-OOAE-EC_Mar2020_v0.docx Public Download
doc Draft Agenda OOAE EEC Agenda-OOAE-EEC_Mar2020_v0.docx Public Download
xls 2019-2020 Division Roster Division Roster 2019-2020_v7.xlsx Public Download
pdf OMAE 2019 Final Report OMAE 2019 Final Report (003).pdf Public Download
pdf 2018 OMAE Final Report OMAE 2018 Final Report_Including Financials.pdf Public Download
doc 2019-06-June EC Minutes Minutes-OOAE-EC-Jun2019.docx Public Download