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The Petroleum Division (PD) of ASME strives to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical professionals in the oil and gas industry.

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pdf FY21 PD Funding Request Form Funding Request_2020-2021.pdf Public Download
png SPE-GCS- Data Science Convention Data Science.png Public Download
doc BMEA Application 2020 BMEA Appliation 2020.docx Public Download
doc BMEA 2019 Application BMEA Appliation 2019.docx Public Download
png Awardee 005 Awardee Photos 005.png Public Download
png Awardee 004 Awardee Photos 004.png Public Download
png Awardee 003 Awardee Photos 003.png Public Download
png Awardee 002 Awardee Photos 002.png Public Download
png Awardee 001 Awardee Photos.png Public Download
pdf 2018 Scholarship Awardees Awardees photos.pdf Public Download
doc 2017-2018 PD Scholarship Application Scholarship Application 2017-2018.doc Public Download
doc 2016-2017 PD Scholarship Application Scholarship Application 2016-2017.doc Public Download
doc PD Scholarship Application 2016-2017 Scholarship Application 2016-2017.doc Public Download
pdf 2010 OTC Lubinski Paper Winner otc204821.pdf Public Download
pdf 2014 OTC Lubinski Paper Winner Winning Paper 25403 2014.pdf Public Download
pdf 2011 OTC Lubinski Paper Winner otc21611.pdf Public Download
pdf 2012 OTC Lubinski Paper Winner 23223 - winning paper 2012.pdf Public Download
pdf 2013 OTC Lubinski Paper Winner ASME 23943 - winning paperP1.pdf Public Download
pdf Sporting Clays Scores 2015 ASME_Scores_10-16-2015.pdf Public Download
doc Scholarship Application 2015-2016 Scholarship Application 2015-2016.doc Public Download