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The Petroleum Division (PD) of ASME strives to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical professionals in the oil and gas industry.

Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award at OTC (BMEA)

As a co-sponsor of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) the Petroleum Division of ASME ’s Energy Sources & Processing Segment invites you to enter this prestigious competition open to all OTC 2012 Exhibitors. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your state-of-the-art technology at OTC.

Criteria and Description For Outstanding Technical Achievements

The Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award recognizes a product, device, or system displayed at the OTC Conference, which best reflects innovation and/or practical use of mechanical engineering in solving problems, improving design or maximizing performance.

Relevant criteria includes:


Impact on Industry


State of Development



Judging and Awards Process

The deadline to apply for the Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award

is March 30, 2020.  The ASME judging committee will review the entries and narrow

the competition to finalists prior to OTC 2020.

The finalists will be notified and will be identified by signs and literature at the OTC exhibition.

The judging committee will visit the finalists’ displays on opening day and select a winner.

The finalists will be honored and the winner announced at a private ASME Awards reception

on Monday, May 4, 2020 at NRG Center in Houston.


The 2020 application is available on the Resources page of this group.  Please use the left hand menu or follow this link:

Please contact Sendy Ontiveros (, or

                         Bailey Billings (

with any questions or concerns.

BMEA Innovation Award

In addition to the overall BMEA winner each year the judges have the option to present this innovation award for significant contribution in the field of petroleum and mechanical engineering.


Past BMEA Recipients

Congratulations to the 2019 BMEA Winner!

AFGlobal Corporation Active Control Device (ACD) Achievement Winner
AFGlobal Corporation DuraStim® Pump Innovation Winner


Baker Hughes, a GE Company– Kymera™ Mach 4 Hybrid Drill Bit - 2018 Achievenment
Frank’s International – Frank’s International Combination Drillpipe/Casing Spider & Elevator  - 2017 Achievement
BMEA Innovation Award winner TechnipFMC – TechnipFMC’s 15K 400°F HPHT Subsea Production System - 2017 Innovation
Aker Solutions - CL4 Subsea electric actuator, EL-Drive® - 2016 Achievement
Skoflo Industries - Subsea Back Pressure Regulator - 2016 Innovation
Versabar – Versacutter – 2015 Achievement

Baker Hughes for Harpoon Cut and Pull - 2014 Achievement 
FMC Technologies for Offshore Loading Arm Footless (OLAF)(Innovation)-2014 Achievement 
Managed Pressure Operations, part of Aker Solutions for Riser Safety System - RSS - 2013 Achievement
Baker Hughes for the MaxCOR Large-Diameter Rotary Sidewall Coring Service - 2012 Achievement
Aker Solutions for VCS, Vertical Connection System - 2011 Achievement
Deep Down, Inc. for 3,400 Ton Umbilical Carousel - 2011 Innovation
Nautilus Rigging for Nautilus Hooks - 2010
Offshore Solutions, BV for Offshore Access System (OAS) - 2009
Yantai Raffles (Achievement); Versabar (Innovation) - 2008
V-Tech (Achievement); DES, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Cameron (Innovation) - 2007
Noble Corporation (Achievement); Kalsi Engineering (Innovation) - 2006
Viking Technology (Achievement); SEACON Advanced Products (Innovation) - 2005
Halliburton Energy Services (Achievement); Remora Technology (Innovation) - 2004
Shell International Exploration (Achievement); Westech Heavy Machinery Division, A Control Flow Company (Innovation) - 2003
Superior Manufacturing & Hydraulics Clincher Division and Kwick Konnect Tubular Handling Services (Achievement); SPM Flow Control (Innovation) - 2002
Maersk Contractors (Achievement), Big Inch Marine Systems, Inc. (Innovation) - 2001
Stolt Offshore (Achievement), TREFILEUROPE (Innovation) -2000

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