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ASME is excited to announce a new service to its members and industry colleagues….continuing education programs.  We are developing a portfolio of engineering courses and workshops both technical and non-technical in nature.  These courses are designed to serve the petroleum and energy-related industries. Current course content ranges from technical workshops on subsea pipeline design to engineering ethics courses.  Additional courses on other topics such as sea keeping aspects of FPSO’s and structural and petroleum geology classes are currently in development. 
The courses are individually designed to appeal to a wide target audience from engineers with one to five years of experience, to more seasoned engineers who have much more technical expertise.  Initially, our courses will be offered in classroom settings with live instructors.  As we go forward, our educational portfolio will be expanded to other training mediums, such as various distance learning tools and programs, as appropriate.  Our strategy is to build a blended-learning platform that will meet the needs of all types of learners. 
We are striving to meet the needs of our industry by offering classroom training in a public forum with registration open to members and non-members, alike, as well as in-company customized training presented exclusively to an individual company employee base.  Courses/workshops have been delivered as a stand alone class, as well as workshops offered as part of technical conferences.  You can register for all of these informative and exciting courses right here on our website with just a few clicks.   
Want to become a professional ASME trainer and receive all of the benefits of recognition and networking that this has to offer? 
How about becoming a technical content provider? 
ASME-IPTI is actively recruiting instructors and technical content providers on engineering hot topics of interest, as we build these continuing education programs to support and educate the engineering profession.
If you have a burning desire to learn more about either, please contact Houston Office 281-493-3491 and let’s explore this journey together! 


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