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The Petroleum Division (PD) of ASME strives to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical professionals in the oil and gas industry.

Students - Financial Aid

ASME- Student Programs - We’re here to help!

Qualified, young engineers earn high starting salaries and attractive benefit packages, while enjoying the opportunity for international travel in a dynamic industry. Employers are well aware that the discoveries made and the new technologies developed are accomplished primarily through the contributions of their employees and those contributions are richly rewarded.
As in the quest to conquer any new frontier, the industry faces challenges.
The world’s hunger for clean and renewable energy sources is ever increasing and so is the demand for engineers to help feed the need. Today’s young engineer is instrumental in designing efficient, safe and environmentally responsible plans to extract the large oil and gas reserves buried deep in the earth.
ASME- is here to provide the tools you need to meet these challenges.
You could very well be part of the new generation of miracle engineers who will overcome these challenges through the development of new cutting-edge technologies for increased energy efficiency and greater alternative and renewable energy utilization.
Join ASME- and start increasing your value to future employers.

Through scholarships, intern programs, our award winning collegiate council, continuing education and many other opportunities for networking and developing career enhancing skills our association has what it takes to help put you and your career on the right track. Help – it’s just a membership away.
Ready to join? Just follow this link to ASME Student Registration  and click the green "join" button. Be sure to select Petroleum as one of your top industry interests to receive all PD communication.
ASME- also offers several types of financial aid.  Scholarships for college, graduate students and funding for various student projects. 

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