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Welcome to the Piedmont-Carolina Group of ASME! Based in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, our Group covers 18 surrounding counties. We are focused on promoting the Engineering Profession in our...
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  • October 17, 2013 (3rd Thursday)


    Hickory Springs (HSM) Tour of Corporate Innovation & Technology Center and Plant Tour

    We began our visit at the Corporate Innovation & Technology Center where we were shown the various industry applications of their end products (transportation, furniture, bedding, government, institutional, packaging, health care, and consumer). This is pretty much a vertically integrated corporation in that they make most of the components which go into the finished systems (integrated assemblies) they supply. From foam to metal components. HSM has multiple manufacturing facilities (44) throughout the US. Four of their leadership team presented the various steps they use in taking a product, tearing it down, looking at all of the areas involved in order to improve. They have made the move from components to supplying systems which not only brings them up to new manufacturing processes but improves customer relations.

    After this insightful presentation, we then toured the Wire Technology Plant with the Plant Manager as our tour guide. Extensive operation, large facility and some of the newest technology involved. We saw product from the raw material stage processed through the shipping dock. Interesting aspect of this part of the visit was that the Plant Manager started as an Operator in his tenure with Hickory Springs. This employer has a history from start up in 1944 to advancing into the current age. This was an Event worth attending.