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Welcome to the Piedmont-Carolina Group of ASME! Based in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, our Group covers 18 surrounding counties. We are focused on promoting the Engineering Profession in our...
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News & Updates

  • Professional Development Course

    Recent Professional Development Course

    On February 22nd this year in conjunction with National Engineers Week, our Section held a Professional Development Course on Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers Instructed by Don McConnell, PE. The course was well attended with 18 Engineers from the local area registering. This was the first of it’s type offered by our Section and the results were encouraging. We need to have more!

    Some of the feed-back comments were “I am happy to report that I got a lot out of Don’s presentation on Saturday. . I felt that Don did a great job and I will be able to use a lot of the material presented in performing my current job function. Thanks for selecting an excellent topic and presenter”.

    “Thank you for the effort in presenting the course. I thought it was well done and very worthwhile. The price was right and Saturdays are probably my best time for such a course considering I have a ways to travel. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and I enjoyed his presentation”.

    “The course  was very thorough and packed with a lot of information. Don is very knowledgeable on thermal design of exchangers. I would say the second half of the seminar got very detailed and much of what he said went over the heads of most people there, to be honest. But that’s ok, I think everyone there learned a lot. This kind of detailed thermal design training was a bargain at this price. I think more courses like this on a variety of topics would be a good idea for the Section”.

  • January Event - Advanced Biotech Equipment Development and Applications

    Senior Members were joined by several Guest and High School Seniors at the January 16th Dinner Event. The Speaker was Michael Collins, Jr., Director of Marketing and Product Development for CEM Corporation. Mike took the group through a background of his company, product lines and then into the industries which they serve which are varied, not just pharmaceutical. He talked about the process they use in product development, working in Teams who have team ownership of a product and how they interface with the end-users globally.  After bring that journey to a close he then went into a discussion on how Engineers can apply their current and future knowledge to today’s market place.