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Welcome to the Piedmont-Carolina Group of ASME! Based in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, our Group covers 18 surrounding counties. We are focused on promoting the Engineering Profession in our...
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Message from the Chair


In 1991 I approached 50 years of age. Deciding it was time to give back and being in the profession of recruiting Engineers, I joined ASME and the following year became involved with the Eastern Carolina Section as their Secretary. Advancing through the different Officer positions, I finally earned a spot of what ASME referred to as a Director. Their Section is approximately the same size in membership as ours.

Moving back home to Charlotte in 2010, I was approached by the then Chair, Son Nguyen to Chair a Committee to re-focus the Piedmont-Carolina Section. He said that he had been the Chair for 10 years and along with a small group (4) of others had kept the Section alive. Those five people are to be commended for their commitment. My files show the first meeting of the Focus Committee was on November 8th, 2012. There were 8 members on that committee. In May of 2013 they met with the then Officers of the Section and made a recommendation of new Officers for the Section to start in July of 2013. I was nominated to be the Chair. My thoughts were to serve for 2 years if asked and no more. I have served in various roles in non-profits from a Friends of the Library, Habit for Humanity, Homeowner Association to 3 different Engineering Societies. ASME, SAE and ASQC. My attitude going in has always been “If I cannot leave whatever it is better than I found it, I have no business going there”.

Some of my S.O.P while serving as your Chairperson comes from prior experiences in doing a like type role with other Engineering Societies. The Leadership Team is probably weary of hearing me talk about perception and quality. Sorry, the one thing I know is that if a volunteer does not have a good experience, they will not return.  Likewise, a customer will feel the same and the members of our Group (Section) are our customers.

My term as your Chairperson ends the last day of June 2015. David Summers will be your new Chair and I am sure he will be excellent. No organization benefits by having the same people in the same role too long. One runs out of ideas and has the potential for burn-out. We (ASME) tell a young Engineer they will benefit greatly by joining ASME.  Meet peers from other industries, grow their network, share like type challenges, take a leadership role and expand their personal skills, etc. Likewise I have met more people and learned other skills in this role. Such is the nature of involvement.

Our Group covers 18 surrounding counties and we have approximately 825 ASME Members. Some retired, some approaching retirement, some middle age and  younger (the millennium generation). What works for one age group will not work for all. Our average attendance at Events has improved, our presence in the market has improved. There are exciting things happening in our area and ASME needs to take their place at the table. Join us?

“What makes a good ASME Meeting? > What makes a good ASME Group?”

You do!            

Bob Simril

Piedmont Carolina Senior Group


(252) 675-8500