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Welcome to the Piedmont-Carolina Group of ASME! Based in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, our Group covers 18 surrounding counties. We are focused on promoting the Engineering Profession in our...
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Group Operation Guidelines


The term “Group” shall refer to the “ASME Piedmont-Carolina Group” and the term “ASME” shall refer to the ASME international organization. The first goal of the Group shall be to promote the professional, technical, and general interests of its members. The second goal shall be to promote the Engineering profession among practicing Engineers and young people who may be interested in the profession. 

  • Membership

All members of ASME, of all grades (excepting undergraduate members of Student Groups) within the boundaries of the Group established by ASME shall be considered members of this Group. 

  • Dues

The dues of members shall be only those prescribed by ASME. 

  • Fiscal Year

The Group fiscal year shall be a 12-month period beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of the following calendar year. 

  • Management

The management of this Group shall be vested in a Group Leadership Team consisting of 4 (minimum of 3) elected Officers (Group Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), the immediate Past Group Chairs, and the occupied Chairs of the Standing Committees. The Group Chair may appoint the Chair(s) of the various Standing Committees.  The list of currently approved Standing Committees are: Newsletter Editor & Webmaster (Media), Membership Development, Professional Development, Group Membership Events (Programs Committee).

The Group Leadership Team is charged with the responsibility of making sure the ASME Group maintains a continuous effort in having a positive perception in the Engineering community served by the Group. In January of 2014 the Group Leadership Team approved the following:

Any Officer/Board Member who attends the Group Leadership Team Meeting of a given month  may attend the Event of that month at no charge. This is put in place as an inducement to get more Members involved in Leadership.

  • In addition to the aforementioned Standing Committees, Group Chair may, with the approval of the Group Leadership Team, create one or more Ad-Hoc Committees for such specific purposes as the Group Chair deems helpful or necessary.  The Group Chair shall also appoint a Chair of such Ad-Hoc Committee(s).  The Chair of an Ad-Hoc Committee is not a member of the Group Leadership Team unless specifically approved by a minimum two-thirds vote of the

Group Leadership Team. 

Each fiscal year, the positions of Group Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be open for election or re-election.  All current Group Officers are eligible for re-election for subsequent one-year terms.

  • Conducting Group Business.

A majority of the Group Leadership Team must be present at any meeting to conduct Group Business. 

  • Duties of Officers

The Group Chair shall, (1) whenever possible, preside at all meetings of the Group and of the Group Leadership Team, (2) have the authority to appoint and remove all Chairs of the Standing Committees and Ad-Hoc Committees, (3) have the authority to execute orders to the Treasurer for disbursement of Group funds, (4) make final decisions on the actions of the various Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees, and (5) assume all other executive duties not specifically delegated.  The Group Chair is responsible for the preparation and submittal of the ASME Group Officers and Committees Report to ASME Office.  The Group Chair is responsible for ensuring all reports are submitted to ASME in accordance to ASME guidelines. Prior to the end of his/her term, the outgoing Group Chair shall call a meeting of the old and new Group Leadership Team to prepare to turn over the management of the affairs of the Group to the new Group Leadership Team. 

The Vice-Chair shall, in the absence of the Group Chair or at the request of the Group Chair, assume executive duties including the authority to execute orders to the Treasurer for disbursement of Group funds.  The Vice-Chair shall perform other temporary duties assigned to him from time to time by the Group Chair.  If, for any reason, the Group Chair is unable to complete his/her term, the Vice-Chair shall assume the position of Chair and the Vice-Chair position becomes vacant. 

The Secretary shall, whenever possible, record and issue minutes of all meetings of the Group and of the Group Leadership Team; shall maintain access to the Group roster, act as a point contact for electronic or other mailings, and issue all voting ballots.  In the absence of the Secretary, the Group Chair shall appoint a temporary Secretary to record the minutes of a meeting, issue voting ballots, or distribute Group mailings. 

The Treasurer shall: (1) assume responsibility and accountability for the funds of the Group, (2) provide regular financial status reports to the Group Leadership Team, (3) execute orders by the Group Chair to disburse funds, (4) report any orders for disbursement of funds that appear to be inappropriate in nature to the Group Leadership Team and disburse funds pursuant any final decision of the Group Leadership Team, and (5) maintain the online banking requirements of the Group in a timely manner in keeping with ASME guidelines

  • Nomination and Election

Once a year, in March the Group Leadership Team shall perform a nomination process where members are nominated for potentially assuming the position of Group Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer during the subsequent fiscal year.  Appropriately nominated members shall be added to an electronic election ballot. The electronic election ballot containing all names placed in nomination shall be distributed by the Secretary or Group Chair to the Group membership approximately by April 30.  Members may return ballots in any format deemed appropriate and acceptable by the Group Leadership Team.  Ballots to be counted must be received within two weeks after distribution.  The Secretary of the Group or Group Chair shall act as teller of the election. Should no nominations come from the Membership nor objections to those nominated, they shall be elected by acclamation. The Group shall announce the results approximately two weeks after ballot closing.  The Officers declared elected shall assume office July 1 and shall be privileged to remain in office for the remainder of the fiscal year, ending June 30. In case of gross misconduct and/or negligence of his/her duties, an elected Officer may be removed from office by a minimum two-thirds vote of the Group Leadership Team. Any vacancy occurring during the year (except for that of Group Chair) shall be filled by a majority vote of the Group Leadership Team. 

  • Meetings

The Group Chair, or a majority of the Group Leadership Team, may call a Group Leadership Team or general Group meeting. General Group meetings are normally scheduled for September through November and January through May. 

  • Amendments

Amendment to these Operating Guidelines or replacement of these Operating Guidelines may be submitted to the Group Leadership Team for approval. If approved by a majority vote of the Group Leadership Team, the proposed amendment or replacement of the Operating Guidelines. If approved by the Group Leadership Team, the proposed amendment or replacement of the Operating Guidelines shall either become part of these Operating Guidelines or replace the previous Operating Guidelines.



Revised 10/12/2014

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